Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gardiner Timeline 1879 - now

     1879   Frederick Gardiner Born, March 26, Salt Lake City, Utah
1886    George Scholl born, August 6, Falls City, Nebraska
1887    Emma B. Scholl born, December 5, Eden Utah
1893    Hope Hulet born, Summit Utah, December 24, Utah
1904    Belva W. J. Breiten born, October 12, Farmington, Utah
1912    Glen Arthur Kroksh born September 28, Elwood, Utah
1916    Audrey May Scholl born October 15, Los Angeles, California
1921    James C. Brown born, March 26, Tucson, Arizona
1921    Jim Gardiner born, June 1, Malta, Idaho
1923    Golden Gardiner born February 18, Peterson, Utah
1924    Marjorie Brown born, November 25, Chino Valley Arizona
             Mary Gardiner born December 21, Peterson, Utah
1925    Elaine Scholl born, April 28, Los Angeles, California
             Carol Thomson Gardiner born, December 18, Salt Lake City, Utah
1926    Hope Dawn James born December 26, Peterson, Utah
1929    Margaret Gardiner born September 29, Malta, Idaho
1931    Gloria Jean born December 15 1931, Malta, Idaho
1934    Robert Hulet Gardiner born August 9, 1934, Malta, Idaho
1935    Robert Hulet Gardiner dies January 30, 1935, Malta, Idaho
1937    Frank Gardiner born, April 2, Malta, Idaho
1940    Jim works on a farm near Flowell, Utah, spring
1941    Audrey and Glen married, December 18
             Jim takes radio courses in Providence, September 1
1942    Jim living at 3641 Seneca Avenue, Los Angeles, California
             Jim classified 1A, December 29
1943    Jim and Elaine married, May 19, Salt Lake City, Utah
             Jim and Elaine living at 1636 Golden Gate Avenue
             Jim Gardiner drafted into US Navy, September 15
             Jim in boot camp in San Diego
1944     Jim goes from Chicago to Ogden January 3
             Jim transferred to Treasure Island, California, before April
1945     Ron Blunk born, April 18
              Atomic Bomb, August 6
1946     Jim Gardiner discharged from Navy, January 7
             Kent Gardiner born, March 18, 7:00 am 7lb 4oz
             John Reese born, September 11
             Jim and Elaine move to Providence, July 26, UT
1947     Jim and Marjorie married, Dec. 19, Mesa, Arizona   
1948     Jim and Elaine sell house in Providence, Utah
             Jim Gardiner graduates from Utah Agricultural College
             with a masters in Sociology
             Sandra Ann born, August 24, Farmington, Utah
             Jim and Elaine move to 1636 Golden Gate Avenue, Los Angeles
1950     Mark Gardiner born, July 22, 4:00 am, Los Angeles
             Family moves to 914 North Isabel
1951     Johanna Brown (Goodman) born, August 24
             Mike Sekulich born December 4
1952     Janice Elaine born, March 31, Glendale, California
             Gerry Kroksh born Oct 15
1953     Scholl Christmas Special with Glen and Train
             Gayle Louise born, December 16, Glendale, California
1954     Kent baptized April 3, Burbank, California
             Karen Buckmiller (Gardiner) born, October 6
1955           Suzanne born, February 2, El Monte CA 11:00 a.m.
                 The Browns live at 11322 Elmcrest, El Monte, California
             Mike Wooten born, June 21
1956     Jim Brown Jr. born, February 10, El Monte, California
             Cliff Langlois born, March 27
             Jeffrey Lynn born, October 12, Glendale California
             Sandra baptized November 3,
1957     Judy Brown Wooten born, November 18
1958     Mark baptized August 30
             Julie Gardiner Langlois born, December 26, Glendale CA
1959     Charles Brown born, January 1. California
             Family moves to 1366 Cleveland Road, Glendale, California
             Kent does the Silver Moccasin Hike, August
1960     Janice baptized April 25
             Elaine dies, August 30, Glendale California, 35 years old
             Frederick Gardiner dies December 26, Malta, Idaho
             Frederick Gardiner funeral, December 29
1961     Jim and Carol Gardiner marry, October 7, Los Angeles, CA
             David Brown born, November 8, El Monte, California
1961     James Gardiner and Carol Thomson married LA temple, Oct. 7
1962     The Brown family move to 2348 Turnbull Canyon Road
1964     James Thomson Gardiner born, January 28, Glendale, California
             Kent graduates from Hoover High, June
             Kent attends BYU, September
1965     Sandra attends New York World’s Fair
             Kent goes to the British South Mission, October 12
             Sandra graduates from Hoover High School, June
1966     Kent serving
1967          George Scholl dies, January 24, 80 1/2 years of age
                  Kent returns from mission, October
     1969    Mark graduates from Hoover High, June
             Janice and Mike Hennessey marry July 3,
             George and Emma sealed, July
             James Gardiner second counselor in bishopric
             Sandra and Ron marry, September 13                             
             Emma Scholl dies, October 12, 81 years of age
1970    Kent graduates with BS, in Psychology, BYU, June
            Kent goes to Boston with Bob Layton for summer
            Sandy and Ron work in Alaska
            Richard (Sandra) born September 11, and dies next day
            Lisa Hennesey born, September 16
1971    Ron Blunck drafted into the army
             Sandra graduates with a BS from BYU
             Kevin (Sandra) born May 23, died the same day
             Kent gets teaching credential B.Y.U., June
             Glen Kroksh dies June 11, Los Angeles, California
             Johanna and Glenn Goodman marry, September 24
1972    James Gardiner goes to China with Nixon
             Kent restores MG-TD restored with Mark
             Kent dates Nancy Bergen who later has 9 children
             Gayle graduates from Hoover High School, June
1973    Kent and Suzanne meet, February 23, Glendora, California
             Janice and Mike Sekulich marry March 3
             JT baptized March 31
             Suzanne graduates from Los Altos High School
             Suzanne models wedding gowns at May Company
             Karalee Blunck born October 21
             Gayle and John Reese marry, December 22
             Karalee Blunk born, Oct. 21
1974    Bluncks move to San Diego for 20 years
             Suzanne graduates from Los Altos High School, June
             Jeff Gardiner graduates from Hoover High School, June
             David Sekulich born, June 24
             Kent and Suzanne meet at Education Week, July 10
             First date, July 19, Kent Suzanne, Dodger Stadium
             Marie Calendar Pies Date July 23
             Schubert Theatre July 27
             Hollywood Bowl July 30
             First kiss August 2
             Disneyland August 3
             F.H.E. with Browns, August 5
             Date to U.E.S., August 7
             Queen Mary, August 9
             Dinner at Gardiners, August 11
             Hollywood Bowl, August 13
             Montclair Plaza, August 14
             Listen to Classical music, August 15
             Castiac, August 16
             Luau, August 17
             Decide to marry, August 20
             Hollywood Bowl, August 23 with Jim and Marjorie
             Suzanne goes to BYU, September                            
             U.E.S., Kent begins work, August
             Kent and Suzanne married, December 21  12:25 pm
             Honeymoon, Dec. 26, to Carmel and San Francisco
1975    Cynthia Blunk born, March 7, San Diego, California
             Matthew Goodman born, July 10
             Kent and Suzanne visit Hope and go to Yellowstone
             Jennifer Reese born, October 18
             Jeff goes on mission to Florida Tampa Mission
1976    Chad Gardiner born, May 8, 9:45 am 21inches/8lb 11oz
             Mark and Karen Buckmiller marry, March 20
             Chad blessed, July 4, by Kent
1977    Kristi Sekulich born, March 20
             Lisa Gardiner born, March 30
             Julie Reese born, April 14
             Nathaniel Goodman born, April 29
             Frank Gardiner and Lillian Madrid married July 30
             Ryan Blunck born December 26
             Chad is very sick, Christmas
             Ryan Blunk born, December 26
1978    Rachel Gardiner born, January 24, 10:05 pm 21inches/7lb 9oz
             Rachel blessed, March 14, by Kent
             Judy and Mike Wooten marry, June 14
             Kent and Suzanne go to Hawaii, August
             Jessica Goodman born, November 11
1979    Brent born, April 24
             Kent and Suzanne go to Hearst Castle, April 26
             Kent gets masters degree in Administration from CSUN, June
             Jeff graduates from BYU in April
             Jill Reese born, July 2
             Adam Wooten born, July 12
             Jim and Carol Brown marry, Aug. 18
             Danny Sekulick born, Sep. 13
             Benjamin Goodman born, Dec. 27
1980    Kent and Suzanne new home, 27712 Hyssop, Saugus
             E James born, March 26, 9:15 21inches/8lb 2oz
             Church consolidates meeting schedule
             Julie and Cliff Langlois marry June 14,
             Jeff graduates with BS from BYU
             Eric blessed, June 15, by Kent
             Edward Britein dies October 8
             Jenny Brown born, May 22
             Frankie Gardiner born, June 20
1981    Kent field trip to Canada with 81 students
             Charles and Barbara Brown marry, March 14
             John William Reese Jr. born, May 18
             Christine Brown born, June 1981
             Mark Gardiner graduates with BA from Cal State Los Angeles
             Daniel Goodman born, July 30
             Scott born October 30,
             Lachelle Wooten born, November 5
1982    Jeremy Brown (Charlie) born February 22
             Ron Blunck bishop San Diego 17th Ward
             JT graduates from Hoover High School
             John Reese bishop of Glendale 2 Ward
1983    Real Estate Seminar on T.V. March 3
             JT mission to Argentina Cordoba Mission
             Chandra Brown born, February 26    
             Bought blue Plymouth Van,
             Ryan born, July 22, 9:22 am 23inches/9lb 1oz
             Ryan blessed, Sep 4, by Kent
             Robert Brown born, November 3
1984    Jonathon H. Goodman born, February 21
             Charise Carol Gardiner born February 26
             Julie Langlois graduates with BA from BYU
             Kallie born September 5,                                        
             Chad baptized, May 12, by Kent   
1985    Georgia Standley dies, February
             Cliff Langlois graduates DDS Loma Linda University, Upland
             Paul Reese born, July 27,    
1986    Ashley born, January 22, 7:45 pm, 21inches/7lb 2oz
             Rachel baptized, January 25 by Kent
             Ashley blessed, February 22, by Kent
             Heather Gardiner born, April 11,
             Jeff graduates, MA, BYU
             Kent buys Acton Property in foreclosure, June 10
             J.T. and Kris marry August 16
1987    Clyde Nelson dies, April
             JH and Carol married 25 years
             Lance and Kent sign escrow papers, July 7
             Marjorie Brown dies, July 22, 9:15 pm, Hacienda Heights, California
             Kent and Suzanne go to Britain, October 1-14   
1988    Kent and Suzanne close escrow on Val Verde,
            Eric baptized, March
             JT graduates BS, BYU in August
             Tyler Langlois born June 5
             Jeremy Reese born and dies August 14
             Michael and Stephen Gardiner born September 29
     1989    Julie graduates Masters Claremont
             Brett is born, May 8, Sylmar, California
             Suzanne discovers breast cancer, November
1990    Kent and Suzanne Stevenson Ranch 25307 Keats Lane, January
             The church changes financial policies
             Irene Thomsen dies February 20, Glendale, California
             Kelsey Langlois born April 4
             Suzanne gets a bone marrow transplant almost dies
             Audrey Scholl dies October 17
1991    Missionary fund equalized
             Jeff marries Andrea Picciotto August 17, Los Angeles, California
1992    Ryan Matthew is born March 24, Pasadena
             Lisa Hennessey marries Louis N. Feller May 23
1993    David James Gardiner born July 28
1994    Karalee Blunck marries Craig Flinders April 23
             Chad Graduates from High School
             Brian David Gardiner born July 22
                  Chad at COC the 1st semester
                  Suzanne dies September 26, 6:30 pm in Kent’s arms
    1995    Jason Paul Gardiner born April 16
                 Kent marries Deborah April 22, Los Angeles, California
                 Chad goes to Ricks in the fall
    1996    Chad gets kicked out of Ricks
                 Nathan Flinders born June 26
                 Kristi Sekulich and Michael Welch marry June 14
                 Eric made an Eagle, August 10.
                 Jennifer Reese and Matthew Tall marry August 24
                 Chad Monterrey Mexico Mission, September
                 Chad MTC 2 months and Boston 4 months
    1997    Chad leaves for Mexico, January
                 Janice and Sean Davis marry, March 15
                 David Sekulich and keri Jaques marry March 15
                 Lisa Hennessey Feller and Gary Morgan marry, April 24
                 Kristi Sekulich and Michael Welch marry, June 14
                 Ryan Blunck, St. Louis Mission
                 Cindy Blunck, San Fernando Philippine Mission
                 Rachel graduates from High School, June
                 John and Gayle Rapid City South Dakota Mission President, July
                 Flinders move to Erie Pennsylvania, July
                 Kent begins as Gospel Doctrine Teacher, October
                 Taeler Welch born December 1
    1998    Jordan Welch born April 28
                 Brent Honduras San Pedro Sula Mission
                 Ivan Sekulich born August 7
                 Rachel and Rob Radoff marry, August 15, Valencia, California
                 Chad returns from mission in September
                 Jennifer Flinders born October 31
    1999    Eric Denver Colorado North Mission, July 28
      Rachel and Rob Radoff marry in temple, August
      Chad and Maryssa Montgomery marry, December 18
      Jill Reese and Michael Simmons marry December 28
    2000    Chad graduates from Ricks
                 Kent and Deborah move into the 25481 Cariz Dr Home.
                 Ryan Blunck and Autumn Haney marry May 6
                 Chad graduates from Ricks, June
                 Julie Reese and Joshua Becker marry October 27
    2001    Rachel graduates from BYU, April
                 Flinders move to Vestal, NY, June
                 Cameron Flinders born, July 31
                 Scott Gardiner, Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission
       Eric returns from his mission, July
       Gardiner reunion at the Malta House August 1
       Rachel goes to work for Golden Eagle, December
       Eric goes to BYU, Idaho, September
      JH and Carol married 40 years
       Lisa Gardiner and Bryan Kerr marry December 15
       Eric meets Hayley, October
       Cindy Blunck and Tim Goodwill marry, December 26
    2002     Rachel and Rob split up, January
                 Elizabeth Simmons born January 15
                 Daniel Sekulich and Megan Ludlow marry March 6
                 Braedon Tall born May 9
                 Katelynd Blunck born May 30
                 Chad graduates from BYU, June
                 Johny Reese Spain Barcelona Mission, July
       Donna Elder new Principal for UES, September,
       Hayley flies to LA to meet the parents, December
    2003    Maryssa leaves Chad, March
      Brett starts Hart High School, August
      Eric proposes to Hayley, March 3
                 Eric and Hayley marry, May 3
                 Kent begins biking with Clark Jolley
       Ryan Gardiner Chile Concepcion Mission
       Rachel gets divorced, September
       Rachel Colorado Casualty, September
       Kent released as Gospel Doctrine teacher, December 28
    2004    Ashley graduates from High School, June
                 Eric and Hayley move to BYU
                 Eric and Haley /Chad’s divorce proceedings, New York
                 Eric job Chrysalis working with Handicap, July
      Eric gets into business school July
      Kent does Effudex November 
      Eric internship Schrieber Foods Inc.             
      Eric, Hayley and Kent, Ventura Beach, August 25
      Haley has two jobs, flower shop and Home depot May
    2005    Eric, Hayley and Ava camp, August 3, Arizona
                 Brett eagle project August 10
                 Ava Suzanne Gardiner born, November 21, Provo, Utah
                 Kent has Jim Brown and Jim Gardiner for Thanksgiving
                 Ryan returns from Mission, December 21
                 Gardiner cabin reunion, December, Utah
       Ryan Matthew trumpet
       Brett takes Physics as a sophomore
       Scholl Reunion, Portland Oregon, September
    2006    Ava blessed by Eric, January 1
                 Ashley and Kent visit Hayley and Eric, March
                 Langlois get to gather with JH and Ava,
    2007    Sandy and Ron visit Glendale, January
                 Kent visits Arizona, Animal Park, February 18
                 Eric and Hayley visit Bocina house, April
                 Kent, Wildflower Century, April 26
                 Brett and Eric B-day Dinner, May 5
                 Brett Prom, May 11
                 Kent and Eric hike Bryce Canyon, May 24
                 Brett seminary graduation, June 3
                 Brett graduates Hart High, June 5
                 Gardiner family pictures, B&W in park, June 30
                 Kent and Paul Jones do the Solvang Century
                 James Hulet Gardiner dies, June 20, Glendale, California
                 James Gardiner funeral, June 30
                 Greta Mae born, July 19, Scottsdale, Arizona
                 Julie tries on Elaine’s clothes, July 21
                 1366 Cleveland renewal, July 27
                 Arizona visit to see Greta Mae, August 4
                 Cool Breeze Century, August 18
                 Greta Mae blessed, August 26, Valencia, California
                 Kent floats Ashley’s car to Utah, September 22
                 Deborah begins a new store, October 20
                 Thanksgiving in Valencia, November 22
                 Gardiner’s Christmas shopping downtown, December 26
    2008    Eric and Hayley in Anthum run, February 1
                 Ryan and Stephanie meet
                 Kent does Wildflower Century, April 26
                 Zion Camping, May 21
                 Arizona visit, dinner at church, July 4
                 Sandy visit to Glendale, July 13
                 Arizona visit, August 8
                 Cool Breeze Century, August 16
                 Julie and Kent bike September 13
                 Lighthouse Century, September 27
                 Kent learns about Japanese math, November 14, Chicago
                 Arizona history sites/temple November 29, Arizona
                 Fishing in Valencia, December
    2009    Ashley and Kent scan Dr. Brown’s pictures, January 1
                 Kent and Julie bike to the beach, March 14
                 Arizona visit, March 21
                 Brett Colombia Bogota North Mission, May
                 Ginger Estelle born October 16, Phoenix, Arizona
                 Ryan and Stephanie marry, August 7
                 Camping at Ventura Beach, (Eric suggests Website) June 24
                 Kent made coach at UES
                 Family portrait Bocina lawn, Christmas
                 Painting party with Stephanie, December 26
    2010    Brent and Holly bless Dean, January 3
                 Julie, Cliff, Kent hike East Canyon, January 16
                 Dinner with Grandpa Brown, April 11
                 Ryan M goes to the prom, May 22
                 Beach with Ginger as an infant, May 29
                 Ryan M graduates from Hart High, June 2
                  Kent and Chad visit Tennessee, Nauvoo, Wisconsin, September
    2011    Audrey Rose born November 15, Bentonville, Arkansas
                 7lb 13 oz
                 Brett returns from mission, May
                 Block party in Newhall, July 16
                 Ryan Birthday party, fancy cake, July 23
                 Kelsey Langlois and Justin Halbert married, August 6
                 James Brown reunion, August 9, Heber, Utah
                 Robert Gardiner reunion, August 13
                 Gardiners hike Timpanogos Cave, August 19
                 Ashley and Andrew DaBell married August 20
                 Tower of Beauty car museum, August 27
                 Scott married to Brandy December 17
    2012    Sandy and Ron visit Newhall, July 30
                Trip to Panguitch Lake, August 5
                 Rachel and Nic take a month long honeymoon
                 Ryan and Stephanie buy a home in Vegas, August 7
               Orion born to Kelsey and   
               August 2 Madison Memorial hospital in Rexburg ID
               Ryan begins Dental School, September 4
               Ashley and Andrew buy a home in Riverton, September
               Scott sealed to Brandy
                 James Lee Gardiner born to Scott and Brandy, November 1
     2013    Kent takes Metrolink to Covina/Diamond Bar-Mark, May 11
                 Ryan/Stephanie Jo say they are having a baby May 12
                 Last day of teaching at UES May 14, 2013
                 Kent flies to Utah and retires May 15, 2013
                 Stephanie has Luke, December 15, Las Vegas, NV
                 Kent called to High Council Eagle Mt North Stake
                 Scott sealed to Brandy Dec 7
                 Ava baptized, December 21 in Erie, CO
       2014   Kent called to High Council Eagle Mt, Cedar Pass Stake, March
                  Mason born to Kelsey March 13, Gilbert AZ
                  Hayley and girls visit April 1 - 4th
                  Deborah and Kent married 19 years, anniversary
                  Ryan and Stephanie visit EM with Luke, April 27 - 
                  Hiked Grove Canyon to Indian marker, May 3
                  Hiked "Jenna Peak" on Lake Mts, May 11
                  Carol moves to Sunrise assisted living, June 
                  James Bardon born July 17 in Paget, Bermuda
                  Kent's hernia operation August 5, 3 hernias repaired, 10K
                  Tyler Langlois and Minnie wedding, Draper Temple, August 2 
                  Visit to CA to see Liz Palmblad, Kevin Large and St. George 
                         August 27 - September 7
                   Kevin Large dies, September 14, I miss him.
                   Sandy and Ron visit, October 29 - Nov 1, Carol gets shelves
   2015        Calvin born March 11
                   Rachel and Nic visit in cabin up Provo Canyon, April 30
                   Chad and Amanda get married, April 11 Denver, CO
                   California visit, May 7, we see Liz
                   Glendale home sold, June, 2015
                   Scotland visit, June 23 - July 14
                   Greta Mae baptized, July 19 Fallon, NV in a river
                   Fall, Kent takes Drawing 101 Class at BYU with Lee Cowan
                   Ryan Gardiner announces new baby, Nov 28
                   Carol is 90, December 18, 2015 
  2016         Grace Suzanne is born to Chad and Amanda on February 23 in    
                   Denver CO
                   Sean Davis dies unexpectedly in the night, March 7, medication                    /alcohol related death
                   Visit to see Grace Suzanne blessing April 21 - 26 
                   Grace Suzanne Gardiner blessed by her father April 24, Denver
                   Clay Lewis Blackmer suicide April 29, 2016, born July 22, 
                   Ryan Gardiner graduates from UNLV Dental School, May 13, 
                   Chad and Amanda visit with kids July 22 - 28
                   Levi James Gardiner, born 7:41 PM, New Orleans, 6 pounds 14 ounces, June 13
                   Stephanie and Levi visit July 28 - 31, Davis Reunion at clubhouse
                   Deborah/Ryan M road trip July 11 - 18  Big Sur/fire, dead body
                   St. George trip September 14 - 20, Chad/kids, Rachel/nic/James,       Kent/Deborah, Eric/family Ashley/fam, Brett/RJ,
                   Ashley announces she is pregnant, Sep 16, Cal wears shirt w Dinosaur and Big Brother, 2017.
                    Visit to Boise,  We watch girls while Eric/H go to Peru Oct 15 - 18
                    Called on Daily Dose, Orem Mission, December 11, 2016
                     Levi Gardiner blessed, December 29th, with Davis family at 3441 Skye Loop, EM.
                     December Andrea has pains around her waist, gets xray and they find her filled with cancer. 
                      Dax Kent DaBell born March 26, 2017
                      Last week of April, Andrea Gardiner diagnosed with cancer of the larynx. Jeff doesn't want family to know what is going on. Jeff and Andrea intensely suffering.  Her 80's parents and Jeff sit with her in intensive care June 9.
                      Andrea dies in her sleep from adenoid carcenoma, June 14, mid afternoon
                       Andrea funeral, June 17, 9AM at 1201 Paseo Camarillo, Camarillo, CA 93010. 
                       July 1 - 5 Sandy and Ron visit Eagle Mt. Talk about George Scholl book and watch fireworks.
                       July 9 - 16 Park City with everyone except Ryan and Steph
Eric and Hayley leave church.
                       July 25 - 28 Kent speaks five times at BYU Genealogy Seminar.  Blog/Videos and  Inspiration  
                        October: Rachel and Nic announce they are getting a divorce. He has moved out. Amanda asks Chad to move out. Apparently they are getting a divorce. During our mission two children announce they are divorcing and Eric and Hayley leave the church.
                         October 31. Amazing day in the temple doing sealings: William Stewart sealing to Christina Duncan
Anne Pirie Stewart sealing
Sister Benson heard Charles walker horse thief accept the gospel, confirmed we will see our sealers in the next life
Sealer for Palmblads and Unis served mission to Sweden
Sealed Brunner grandparents and great Granparents
Felt good about Rogers sealing to his parents

                          November 24, Thanksgiving in California with Ryan M and Liz.

June 20, Chad gets divorced from Amanda
June 4 Kent does Bells Canyon 5 miles 1.5 hrs up 1 hr down.
June 13 Kent does Red Pine Lake 6 miles, 2 hrs up 2 hrs down
June  22 Ryan graduates as an ortho, Kent attends
June 15 -16 Manti Pagent, Deborah and I camp behind the temple, attend the temple, see Spring City and attend the Pagent.
July 30 - August 4 Colter Bay, Yosemite, Jenny Lake, tent cabins, 24 of us.

August 24:  On Thursday August 24 Grandma Gardiner somehow fell into her walker.  She was taken to the hospital where she had over 50 stitches on her head and arms. She also injured her spine but the injury was not serious enough for her to be put in a brace. Later Gayle noticed the basket and legs had blood stains. These photos are from Friday when she was brought back to Sunrise. She is now in a hospital bed. The doctor does not believe she will walk again. He said he has seen a lot of people who have accidents involving walkers. Her hospice nurse, Barbara, thinks she will walk again. At this point she is prone and when people try to put her upright to eat she says it causes too much pain. Grandma has a high probability of getting aspiration pneumonia. Sitting up and walking lessen the chances.  The Doctor says she won't walk again, hospice says she will. We will see.