Sunday, May 27, 2012

Farmer's Photographs and Letters

Farmer as a youth enhanced view on right so you can see the details of his coat:

 1923 Farmer Brown's milk truck with his grandson James Cyril Brown at the wheel:

Mary Agnes Brown's journal entry on Farmer:

March 1961 
Ned Newell an amateur photographer phoned and asked permission to come out and take some pictures of me making me believe that he chose only subjects of outstanding character and personality.  It made it easier for me because George’s two youngest children were here and they both like to crawl all round on my lap so I rung them into the picture:

Group shot, 1952 or 1953:

Farmer on horse:

Farmer upper left:

Abt 1945: LtoR Cleone, Lucille, Harold, Mary Agnes Brown, Mary Halls, Farmer Brown and Robert's wife Ann:

Early 1940s Lucille, Elna, Farmer, Eva, Jim:

1961 Journal entries:

 1955 letter:

 1950 letter:

 1953 letter:

Farmer rode horses his whole life, even the day he died: 

 1953 Jim Brown (grandson) holding horse, John (horse) Farmer, Eva (Farmer's second child), Johanna (infant and Jim's first child):

Letter to Mary Lee-

1959 letter to his grand daughter Louise:


Farmer in a familiar pose: