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Farmer Brown's Children

1.  Harold- b 12 Feb 1897, Mancos, CO, married Mary A. Young and had 4 boys and a girl James, Robert, Louise, Harold, Floyd Cleon, died 11 July 1987

1940 Harold at his ranch

Grandma Elna told me that when they were young, she, Rudolph, Harold and Mary Young would double date and have a wonderful time together. But shortly after Harold and Mary were married, she forbade Harold from seeing his family again. She thought they were a bad influence on him. As far as I could tell he didn’t honor that and so he lived in the “dog house” for many years.  The doghouse was an apartment behind the main house. There he had his beloved organ. On visits in his later years, Clark and I would hear him playing the organ even before we knocked on the door. I understand he was the ward organist for a time. SH

I would see Uncle Harold often at Farmer’s when we visited. It seems that it was Homer that was there fairly often also. One memorable visit was when I was about 7. Harold, Homer, and Eva were sitting around the kitchen table and they tried to get me to eat some Limburger cheese with them. They were really enjoying teasing me and I wasn’t sure I was going to get out of it.  It seems either Lucille or Grandma came to my rescue. Oh how it smelled! I nearly got sick being in the same room with it. The other strong memory was that Harold always wanted to kiss me goodbye on the lips, the smell of beer was so strong I never needed to try it to know what it would taste like. SH

The little I remember about Aunt Mary was what a somber woman she seemed to be. While she did not scare me, she appeared to be a very serious woman, with little warmth to her personality.   She was part of my very early childhood when she came to visit her brother Will Young in Binghampton - my Grandpa and Grandma Young (William H. Young and Effie Butler Young) and I don't remember any interaction with her at all - just childhood impressions.

Obviously, Uncle Harold had problems in his life, but I came to feel long ago that we cannot judge another man's life (or woman' life either) until we have walked a mile in their shoes.   I hope time spent in the hereafter has mended feelings on everyone's part.   Sometimes our best intentions are carried out in less than positive ways. JD

1943 Elna, Eva, Jim, Lucille

2 Eva- born 24 Mar 1898, Eva married Walter Brown born 1894. He was Catholic and was killed in a car crash after they got married. She graduated from Nursing college in California, lived to be 67 died 11 May 1965, no children baptized July 1906 died 1965, work done in temple 1975, sealed to Walter Brown Sep 18, 2010.

Eva married out of the Church (Catholic) also. Her husband was killed in an auto accident very shortly after their wedding. Eva supported herself as a nurse in a Catholic hospital. At one time we visited her at a hospital where she worked on Mill Ave. in Tempe. Perhaps it was to see a family member who was in that hospital at the time. SH

3. Lucilleb 1901, married John Donald Moselan and later divorced, he was a non-member – she served a mission to southern California. We were very close to Ceil.  We’d spend summers up in Mesa.  Ceil would bake the best bread and lemon meringue pie.  She was a wonderful, loving person. lived to be 72, Lucille was divorced from her husband (Eva and Lucille are buried together) died 11 June 1974, no children
She is buried in Mountain View Memorial Gardens, June 1974, she went through the temple Feb 21, 1923, baptized August 4, 1910, sealed to spouse 9 Mar 2011

I stayed with Lucille for 5 month’s between May and September 1965. Eva had just died and Lucille invited me to stay to keep her company. My family was living in Casa Grande at the time, and I was home from BYU and at loose ends. She was wonderful company and forgiving of a self-absorbed young woman. Lucille made it possible for me to meet and date my future husband, Clark Halls while living with her. We owe her a great debt of gratitude for that. I met his parents when they came to offer Lucille condolences after Eva’s death and they invited me to dinner at their home. The rest is history. SH

Lucille always had a fun loving and adventurous spirit. One of our family’s favorite stories is about her going to visit her sister Elna and family at the Farr ranch in central Nevada with my teenage brother. He was going through a ‘hippy’ phase and had an old, very basic van, complete with a loud sound system and hippy flowers painted on it.  He said they laughed and listened to his music all the way, 18 hours in those days. SH

She often came to visit us after we married. I think she like being around a family, even with 3 noisy children running around. A few years before she died she suggested that she might like to live with us. She said it in a way that I thought she was kidding. I kidded back and said we would drive her crazy. I couldn’t imagine she was serious. One of the greatest regrets of my life was that after she died, I found out she was serious. I have been heartsick ever since. It would have been a blessing and privilege to have had her live with us. SH

I don’t know when Lucille and Eva came back home to live permanently. Lucille told me her parents had sent her on a mission as a young adult to “straighten her out”. Her story was that the California Mission president at that time did the opposite and led many of the young people astray. She married a non-member and later divorced before having any children. She worked in the food industry for many years and was a wonderful cook. SH

I remember Lucille enjoyed her brother George’s children so much. They often stayed for extended visits after the family moved to Tucson. I enjoyed playing with them.  They were so sweet and gentle. I’m sure they have many memories of their time at Farmer’s that I would love to hear about.

I can’t remember what year Lucille moved out of the house on 8th, sometime around 1968-69, I think. She asked my husband Clark and I to clean out the house and make it rentable. There was family memorabilia in the basement and no one that she knew that wanted it. I suppose she had already invited people to come and take what they wanted. We went through every paper and book to salvage valuables and artifacts.  SH

4. Elna- b 20 Jun 1904, married Rudolph Farr, active in the church, lived to be 83, Elna died 31 Dec 1987, she had two children Bessie and Clyde Rudolph Farr. They lived in Ely, Nevada, where Farmer died.  Granddaughters: L. H. and S. H., (CH) 

The Humboldt Sun - October 8, 2007
Clyde Rudolph Farr of Antelope Valley died Sunday, Sept. 30, 2007, at his home in Antelope Valley.
He was born Feb. 1, 1932, in Provo, Utah, to Rudolph and Elna Farr. He married Lucille Fuller Nov. 9, 1950, in the Mesa, Ariz., Temple.
Clyde was a dairyman and a farmer/rancher. He served four years in the U.S. Air Force as a flight engineer. He served faithfully in his church, The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints, as a branch president in Austin, a councilor in the Fallon stake presidency, a patriarch in the Fallon stake and a missionary with his wife in St. George, Utah.
He is survived by his wife, Lucille. His 10 children-sons: Kyle (Wendy) of St. George, Utah; Lyle (Lisa); Allen (Erica); Glen (Lauri); and Michael (Jessica) all of Antelope Valley. His daughters: Lorraine (Mrs. Wade) Richardson of Springfield, Ore.; Debra (Mrs. Mike) Goodson of Summit, N.J.; Lana (Mrs. Carl) Westfall of Boise, Idaho; Karer (Mrs. Ken) Woodland and Lori (Mrs. Rodney) Monk both of Antelope Valley. He has 49 grandchildren and six greatgrandchildren. He is also survived by nieces, Susan (Mrs. Clark) Halls, Linda Gay (Mrs. Roger) Hansen, and Elaine Kleinman, nephew, Mitch Humber, and great-nieces and nephews.
He was preceded in death by his parents and sister, Bess Humber of Mesa, Ariz.
Clyde Farr’s funeral was held on Sunday, Sept. 30, 2007, at the Antelope Valley chapel, and he was buried in the Farr Family cemetery. His memorial service will be held Saturday, Oct. 13, 2007, at the Winnemucca LDS stake center on 111 W. McArthur Ave. at 1 p.m. Everyone is invited.

My beautiful Grandmother: Lucille!!

My mom grew up in a little place called Antelope Valley in Nevada. Most people haven't heard of it, but that is because it is in the middle of nowhere. When we were little, we would go on vacation there for family reunions every year! It was the highlight of the year for us kids. We got to ride horses, ride four-wheelers and motorcycles, play in the dirt, rabbit hunting, hike mountains, and just be with family and play :) This summer we went there for another family reunion and it was just as fun! Cameron had a blast as well. All he wanted to do was ride the four-wheelers. GOOD TIMES! I love my family!! I will put all the pictures on a slideshow soon.

Clyde & Lucille Farr Had:
10 kids who had:
49 Grandchildren who had:
14 Great-Grandchildren (one on the way)

***I think these numbers are correct. They might be a little off. You get the idea though!
All because two people fell in love and got married! What a great legacy to leave behind.
Bessie married Tom Humber and had SH, LH)  MH, and L. 

Elna was baptized June 20 1912 Sealed March 4, 1927 to Rudolph Farr

When I was very young, we (Elna, Rudolph and my parents and siblings) often went to Grandma and Farmer's home on 8th St & Powerhouse Rd (now called Stapley) in Mesa for Sunday dinner after church.  Sometimes we would go to Harmon’s Kentucky Fried Chicken, where Lucille worked, to eat there. SHs

I vaguely remember the old house and garden and that Grandma always sent us home with flowers from her garden. How I loved visiting and exploring the chicken coop, hunting for clams in the huge ditch along the street, hiding in the citrus orchard, the farm animals and Farmer's beautiful horse. SH

The new home was built, I think, between 1950-55 by Elna’s son, Clyde’s father in law, Horace Fuller. It had both a very large kitchen and living room and one bedroom. The laundry room and another two bedrooms were on a screened porch at the end of the large carport. I believe there was a bathroom out there also. Under the screened area was a large basement. Grandma, Eva, and Lucille slept in the house and Farmer outside. SH

Now, I only remember a few old books being worth saving, most everything else was already gone. As Elna’s granddaughter, she gave me 3 special books. They were priceless treasures handed down from Benjamin Brown’s family with his signature on the title pages: a Book of Commandments, a Mormon Catechism (yes, that was the title) for children to learn gospel principles, and another small book with a beautiful soft green suede cover. SHs

Jim Brown would come to visit us once in a while and on one of his visits, probably about 1975, I showed him the beloved books. He asked if he could take them for a while to read and enjoy. We loved Jim so much and I was happy to share them, they were his family’s treasure too.  He never mentioned them again and I hesitated to even ask about them for several years. But by then he had no recollection of them. Somehow they have been lost. How my heart aches to hold them again. They were so heavy with history and faith I could literally feel it radiating from them. If anyone knows of their whereabouts, I would love to know what happened to them. SH

From SH-
Elna and her brother George died one day apart, she on New Year’s Eve in Antelope Valley, NV and he on New Year’s Day in Snowflake, AZ.

 Elna, Rudolph, Clyde, Tom and Bess Humber and Linda Gay’s husband, Irv Lindsey are all buried in the Farr Cemetery on the Farr Ranch.

 To find the The Farr Ranch:  from Interstate 80 at Battle Mountain , NV, take highway 305 south for 46 miles, about midway between Austin and Battle Mountain, NV, to the Antelope Valley Road, then 19 miles west and south on a gravel road. In Google Maps search Antelope Valley Road Battle Mountain, NV Their huge green fields totaling 2,000 acres, when all the family’s farms’ are combined, are visible.

 Humber family’s full names: my father, Tom is Thomas Mitchell Humber, my mother Bessie always preferred to be called Bess, Mitch is TMH, Jr. (wife Sharon) of Casa Grande, AZ, Elaine of Las Vegas, NV. Linda Gay Lindsey-Hansen of Mesa, AZ.

 I have lived the last 27 years in Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ. My given name is Georgia Karen, but I have always been called Susan, thanks to my grandfather Rudolph Farr. (The original spelling of his name was Rudolf, but during the ‘40s, his banker suggested he americanize the spelling because of strong anti-German sentiments at the time)

 An excerpt from our family history explains why Farmer was in Nevada when he died:

Rudolph and Elna  sold their very successful dairy in Casa Grande, AZ in 1962 and with their son Clyde bought The Willows Ranch, located midway between Austin and Eureka, NV. The beautiful ranch was a combination of 152,000 acres of deeded farmland, Forest Service and BLM leases. Rudolph loved to farm and Clyde loved ranching, they both loved horses, so they felt it was a good fit for them both.

In Oct of ’62, on one of Clyde's moving trips up from Arizona with their equipment, Farmer took the opportunity to come with him and spend some time with his daughter, Elna and her family.  I’m sure that was a great trip for both of them. Likely Farmer shared stories and Clyde probably sang for a good part of the trip, because that was what he always did, to everyone’s delight.

While visiting at the Willows, Farmer died of a heart attack on October 13th. It is said he died while doing one of the things he most loved to do, whether that was trail riding or something else is lost to our memory. The closest town of any size was Ely, and also the county seat which is why the county coroner listed it on Farmer’s death certificate even though it is over a hundred miles away. The family immediately returned him to Mesa and he was buried four days later. SH

1987 David Brown, Harold Brown's funeral

5. David Owen- b 17 Nov 1905, lawyer and judge married Sarah Fern Kimball, very active in the church, lived to be 90, David O died 5 May 1996. Grave location: Section G, Lot 79. Space 11.  DO (that’s what we called him) married Fern.   DO and Elna died within a very short time of each other. Baptized Aug 8, 1914, Sealed March 29, 1934 to Sarah Fern Kimball

I knew Harold, Eva, Lucille, George and of course my grandmother Elna. Grandma was very fond of and admired her brother David, as we all did. David was called “D.O.” by his family. I had only occasional contact with the others. SH

6. Charles William- (chiropractor) My Aunt Mimi (my Mom’s older sister) was very close to Homer and Charlie. Ruby was a catholic born in Oklahoma, Ruby Mae Garlow Brown (1910 - 1971) Died Dec 1971 buried Holy Hope Cemetery and Mausoleum, Tucson, Pima county Arizona section 2N  Holy Hope is the oldest Catholic Cemetery in Tucson, AZ.  and has been occupied by people since at least 800 B.C.

Note:  My Dad George, Homer and Charlie were all Chiropractors.  My Dad carried on Charlie’s practice and Homer had some sort of injury or something, so he really couldn’t continue in the field. V

b 30 Jun 1908, Charlie married Ruby no maiden name given and they had one or two children, but I never knew them. Charlie lived to be 44 died of suicide 19 Nov 1952, temple work done 1953 apparently no sealing to spouse

1908-1952 1910-1971
2N, 15
I believe Charlie committed suicide. Death year 1952. I was told he was the most fun of all the children, but apparently the saddest. As for an unhappy marriage for George, I never saw it. My mother, Bess and George were close friends and I knew the family well. SH

7. Ben Lincoln- died at 2 years old of? Died 12 Apr 1912
8. Molly- b 25 Jun 1911, died at 1 years old of peritonitis/appendicitis 17 May 1913 
9. Hannah - b 5 May 1913, died at one years old, after falling into a laundry wash tub of boiling water Sep. 1914 

Note re headstones: I am not related.  Many of the headstone are missing or small blocks of
cement or stone with not writing. There are indexes of those buried there
however and some information about them. Ben Lincoln Brown born 1910 and
died 1912 was buried in Row 4 Lot 38 the son of Charles and Mary Halls
Brown. And Molly Brown row 4 lot 38 born 1911 and died 1912.  That is all
the information I have.

8. Molly- b 25 Jun 1911, died at 1 years old of peritonitis/appendicitis 17 May 1913

9. Hannah - b 5 May 1913, died at one years old, after falling into a laundry wash tub of boiling water Sep. 1914 

10. Homer Frank- (chiropractor) b 1 Dec 1914, married Bernice Moody, (Mormon) (1914 – 1981) married Feb 6, 1934 (Homer and Bernice Moody were sealed in the AZ Temple 28 June 1935) We attended his funeral and I remember he had beautiful daughters. Homer was one of my favorites was just hilarious.  He and Bernice had two daughters:  Jan and I can’t remember the other one.  They were so much fun. He died at 57, 10 May 1972, endowment - June 28, 1935 two children Donna Jan Brown 1936 – 2009 and Carolyn Brown 1937 - 1994

From the Payson Roundup newspaper: December 8, 2009

Donna Jan Ulmer 1936 - 2009

Donna Jan Ulmer
Donna Jan Ulmer of Strawberry died Dec. 1, 2009 in Mesa. She was born Feb. 2, 1936 in Mesa to Homer Brown and Bernice Moody. She attended Mesa High School.
Mrs. Ulmer is survived by daughters, Jaci, Donna and Dianne; sons, Randy and Rusty; her sister, Cheryl Mumford; 15 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.
Funeral services were Saturday, Dec. 5 in Mesa, with burial at Mesa Cemetery, 1212 N. Center St.
Arrangements were by Meldrum Mortuary

11. George Halls- (Chiropractor) b 14 Mar, 1917 married Martha, died at 71 daughters: Virginia Diebold husband David, Charlotte (Char) and Mary Lou (Lou) Virg  George Brown died 30 Dec 1988

George (my Dad) married Martha and he died on Jan 1, 1988.  They had 6 kids:  Charlotte (Char), Mary Lou (Lou), Virginia (husband David), Charlie, Martha, and George. My Mom was Catholic. V

Marriage Certificate: