Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thomas Guyman 1787 - 1855

Thomas Guymon was born in Stokes County, North Carolina in 1787.  He was the son of Isaiah Guymon and Elizabeth Flynn.  Thomas married Sarah Gordon and they had eleven children.  He signed a contract to teach school in Jackson, Tennessee 11 July 1821.  He was to teach reading and writing five days a week for three months for k$6.00, half in money and half in wood cotton cloth.  He was to keep good order in school and make up all the time he lost. He and the signers of this contract were to build the schoolhouse.

In 1836, while his son James was working away from home James heard Mormon Elders preach the gospel.  He was so impressed that he hurried home to tell the family.  His father, Thomas and others were in the forest cutting down trees at the time.  When they heard the message, Thomas stood on a stump and told the men “It is the truth; I have been waiting for it all my life.”  Soon Thomas, his wife Sarah, and their sons James, Noah Thomas and three daughters joined the Church 2 March 1836 and went to Missouri and settled in Clay County.  They crossed the plains in the Aaron Johnson Company.

Thomas and Sarah Gordon had  six sons and five daughters. One son named Noah Thomas was born 30 June 1819 in Jackson County, Tennessee.