Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Susannah Webley 1812 - 1878

The will of John Long Gravel father of Susannah Webly Hurst dated September 6, 1830, states: I give and devise unto my daughter, Susannah, wife of William Hurst, all the messuage, or tenants and premises thereto belonging, situated at Atwood Banks, in the parish of Feckenham or Peckenham, Worchastershire, lately occupied by Thomas Thorn.  To hold my said daughter and assisns for and during her natural life and for and after her decease, I give and devise same last-menioned tenants and premises unto my two grandchildren William and Elizabeth Hurst, as tenants in common on and not part tenants and to their respective heirs and assigns forever.  I also give all the newly erected buildings on a piece of land close by called Tuckers Hall to my daugheter Susannah, wife of William Hurst, and her assigns forward during her natural life and after her decease.”
For some reason, William and Susannah never did get this property, or he may have had to leave it when he joined the church and came to America.  When his son went on a mission to England, he wrote his sister Mary Maycock that their cousins’ ill-gotten property had never done them any good.  They drank it up and wasted it in evil living.
William married Susannah Webly 14 March 1830.  She was the daughter of Richard Webley and Jane Danby.  They were comfortably situated and had eight children, all born in England except the last one born in St Louis Missouri.  Only three of the eight grew to maturity.  One of them died in St Louis Missouri of cholera
Soon after his death, his family moved to Springville, where his wife married James Maycock.  When Johnson’s army came to Utah and many of the Saints moved to Springville James Maycock traded his place for land in Ogden and that branch of the family moved to Ogden.  Claribel Hurst Moore granddaughter of William Hurst