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James Mitchell Pritchett

James’s father Samuel Pritchett played the harp.  His wife Rebecca said, “Samuel sure did love that old harp.”  He called it his “Beauty”and would say, “In a few minutes ‘My Beauty’ will have everyone dancing.  It was old when it came from Ireland and hard to get in tune for the strings would get so limp.  But Samuel knew how to handle it...”Yes I am musical, too musical, for like love, music gives me a pain in the pit of my stomach,” said Samuel

Just before James was born his older brother David accidently shot himself in the leg, had it amputated and diedSamuel had talked of going to Texas for some time.  Rebeccasaid, “Stay for our little girl’s sake and this baby (James) we will soon shall have, ”Samuel answered, “How do I know this baby is mine? You haven’t been nice to me for some time!  Anyway I will go for a while.  John can finish his house.  He and the boys will help you to see to things.  If I don’t find what i want, I will come back.  Maybe it is like Nancy saiys, it is our age and later we will enjoy eachother’s love and companionship again.  They all thought he would come back but he never did

Rebecca and Samuel’s seventh and last baby was another boy, their fifth son.  She named him James Mitchell Pritchett.  James was born 1 June 1817 in Washington county, VA.

Rebecca and her sons took a lot of pride in their homes and buildings nd wanted things kept up nd looking good.  Whenever land was for sale they bought it.  The family got along well with eachother.  They were all good workers.  All down through the generations they have said, “Anything worth doing at all is worth doing well.”

They were good christians.  Sunday was the Lords day.  A day to go to churh and worship hm.  A day of rest nd study.  They prayed and believed in prayer and faith in being healed  They were just good humble folks doing and living a good life.  They had a great love tor their neighbors, strangers and 

In 1843, James Mitchell Pritchett was driving home from the village.  It was a beautiful day and the planting was done.  The fields were getting green.  The crops were going to be good.  Things had gone well for him and his wife, Mary Ann Fulcher, in the nearly eight years they had been married.  Their fourth child had been born 1 July 1843, named Nancy Emeline.  Three boys and a girl to bless their home with joy and laughter.  He had land, a home and the start a good farmer needs and likes.  He also took care of his mother Rebecca’s place on share, for he was her youngest child.

As James (called Jim) drove along reminiscing, he came upon two men walking and said, “Looks like you men are lost.  I’m going up the road apiece.  Get in.  I’ll give you a ride.  I’m Jim Pritchett.  I live in these parts.”  The men reached to shake his hand and introduced themselves as missionaries and Elders of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Elder Pratt and Elder J.B. Lewis, traveling without purse or script, preaching the gospel to all.  Stopping at homes where they wished to hear good tidings and the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  The missionaries stayed at the home of Nancy and John’s.  The missionaries were welcome.  Neighbors and friends came to the meetings held in the home.  Many were interested.  A Book of Mormon was left with the Pritchett family.  The family enjoyed reading it and to think and to reason, to pray and talk upon the old yet new truths it brought forth.

When the missionaries came back, Mary Ann Pritchett, John and Nancy’s third child, was baptized a member of the LDS Church.  The first to join in Chatham Hill.  James M. Pritchett and his wife, Mary Ann Fulcher Pritchett, were baptized as many other folks in Chatham Hill.  There were folks joining the church from all over the southern states.  Many were selling  out so they could move to Illinois.  The mobs were making trouble in Illinois and Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith were murdered and so much trouble.  The Saints were advised in the south to stay where they were for a while.

So a Mormon church was built in Chatham hill, Cove Ridge.  James M. Pritchett was ordained a high priest and was over the Branch at cove Ridge.  His wife, Mary Ann Pritchett, was over the women, called the Relief Society President.  They held these positions until they moved to Utah in 1866, after the War.  All children were born in Virginia, and baptized 1843, and the sealing in the Endowment House in 1868 (So came to Utah before 1868) 

James was of Scottish descent. The next spring, 1856 when the missionaries came to Chatham hill, grandmother Rebecca was baptized.  

Information on the Pritchett Family

 All above from: Lest we forget: The Pritchett's history, by Beatrice Pritchett Budvarson,  1989

John Anderson Pritchett and John A. Pritchett: An uncle and his nephew of Chatham Hill, Smyth County, Virginia

In doing research of the Pritchett Family of Chatham Hill, Smyth County, Virgina, there’s been quite a bit of confusion regarding two men, both named John Anderson Pritchett. Hopefully this will set the record straight.

Samuel Pritchett (born 1761) married Rebecca Anderson (born 1776), in Culpepper County, Virginia, on 20 Nov 1793. They had several children, (most in Tazwell or Chatham Hill, Smyth County, Virginia), including:

1) John Anderson Pritchett (born 4 August, 1794; died 16 Nov. 1875, in Tazwell, Virginia; served during 1864-1865 in the Confederate Army). Called "Old John". He and Nancy Hilton Johnston (born 25 Dec 1790; Died: 26 Aug 1855) had 7 children, including:

2) James Mitchell Pritchett (born 1 June, 1817, in Smyth County, Virginia; died 20 January, 1902, in Fairview, Sanpete County, Utah; the family left around 1857 for Kentucky, Missouri & then Utah). He and Mary Ann Fulcher had 10 children, including:

Samuel Napoleon Bonepart Pritchett, born 16 June, 1827 (or 18 Jan*); died 22 Oct. 1870 in Fairview, Sanpete County, Utah. He married Mary Elizabeth (Betty) McIntire, who gave him 2 children before she passed away in August, 1855 in Smyth County, Virginia. He then married Mary Jane Gillespie of Morgan County, Kentucky, who bore him 4 children. One of Samuel’s children by his first marriage was:

John Anderson Pritchett (born 23 Sept. 1840 in Smyth County, VA; 21 Oct. 1920 in Fairview, Utah. He was a Lieutenant in one of the Smyth County Regiments in the Confederate Army during the Civil War; he disapeared in the late spring of 1863, but later met his family when they arrived in Utah (on 31 August, 1864). Called "Young John".

Kittie Evelin Pritchett (Dixon), born 12 December 1851 in Smyth County, Virginia. She passed away in 1924 in Afton, Star Valley, Wyoming. She had:

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James Mitchell PRITCHETT (b. 01 Jun 1817, d. 20 Jan 1902)

James Mitchell PRITCHETT (son of Samuel PRITCHETT and Rebecca ANDERSON) was born 01 Jun 1817 in Smyth Co., VA, and died 20 Jan 1902 in Fairview, Sanpete, UT. He married Mary Ann FULCHER on 18 Sep 1835, daughter of Douglas Jackson FULCHER and Nancy ATWELL.

More About James Mitchell PRITCHETT and Mary Ann FULCHER:
Marriage: 18 Sep 1835

Children of James Mitchell PRITCHETT and Mary Ann FULCHER are:
William David PRITCHETT, b. 28 Jul 1837, Smyth Co., VA, d. 25 Feb 1887.
Leonidas Alfred PRITCHETT, b. 14 Dec 1838, Smyth Co., VA, d. 09 Jun 1888.
John Anderson PRITCHETT, b. 23 Sep 1840, Smyth Co., VA, d. 20 Oct 1920.
Nancy Emily PRITCHETT, b. 01 Jul 1843, Smyth Co., VA, d. 11 Jul 1884.
Thomas Mitchell PRITCHETT, b. 01 May 1845, Smyth Co., VA, d. 11 Sep 1937.
Levi Franklyn PRITCHETT, b. 08 Oct 1847, Smyth Co., VA, d. 25 Sep 1885.
James Decaene PRITCHETT, b. 01 Jul 1849, Smyth Co., VA, d. date unknown.
+Rebecca Emily PRITCHETT, b. 23 Oct 1851, Smyth Co., VA, d. 13 Oct 1930, Fairview, Sanpete, UT.
Douglas Jackson PRITCHETT, b. 10 Oct 1858, d. 21 Apr 1861.

James Mitchell PRITCHETT 1, 2, 3 was born 1 Jun 1817 in , Washington, Virginia. He died 20 Jan 1902 in Fairview, Sanpete, Utah. James married Mary Ann FULCHER on 18 Sep 1836 in , Smyth, Virginia.
Mary Ann FULCHER [Parents] 1, 2, 3 was born 4 Jul 1819 in , Person, North Carolina. She died 5 Mar 1901 in Fairview, Sanpete, Utah. Mary married James Mitchell PRITCHETT on 18 Sep 1836 in , Smyth, Virginia.
They had the following children:
MiWilliam David PRITCHETT 1, 2 was born 28 Jul 1837 in Chatham Hill, Smyth, Virginia. He died 22 Feb 1887 in Fairview, Sanpete, Utah.
MiiLeonidas Alfred PRITCHETT "Leo" 1, 2, 3 was born 14 Dec 1838 in Chatham Hill, Smyth, Virginia. He died 9 Jun 1888 in Eden, Weber, Utah.
MiiiJohn Anderson PRITCHETT 1, 2, 3, 4 was born 23 Sep 1840 in Chatham Hill, Smyth, Virginia. He died 21 Oct 1920 in Fairview, Sanpete, Utah.
FivNancy Emeline PRITCHETT was born 1 Jul 1842 and died 11 Jul 1884.
MvThomas Mitchell PRITCHETT 1, 2, 3 was born 1 May 1845 in Chatham Hill, Smyth, Virginia. He died 11 Sep 1932 in Hurricane, Washington, Utah.
MviLevi Franklin PRITCHETT 1, 2, 3 was born 8 Oct 1847 in Chatham Hill, Smyth, Virginia. He died 25 Sep 1883 in Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete, Utah.
MviiJames Dekalb PRITCHETT 1, 2, 3 was born 7 Jul 1849 in Chatham Hill, Smyth, Virginia. He died 28 Nov 1914 in Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona.
FviiiRebecca Emily PRITCHETT 1, 2 was born 23 Oct 1852 in Chatham Hill, Smyth, Virginia. She died 13 Oct 1930 in Fairview, Sanpete, Utah.
Douglas Jackson PRITCHETT 1, 2 was born 10 Dec 1858 in Chatham Hill, Smyth, Virginia. He died 21 Apr 1861 in Fairview, Sanpete, Utah.