Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Robert and Margaret Gardiner Quiz

1. Where did Robert Gardiner grow up?
2. What was Robert's vocation?
3. What did Robert’s father do for a living?
4. Where did Margaret Stewart grow up?
5. What are the names of the elders who baptized Margaret?
6. Who else besides Margaret joined the church, in her family?
7. What did Margaret’s father do for a living?
8. Where did Margaret’s family come from?
9. What does a sword have to do with Margaret?
10. Plot the route Robert and Margaret took from Scotland to Utah?
11. Where was Robert’s store and restaurant located?
12. What was Robert business called?
13. What event drove Robert out of business?
14. What type of education did Margaret believe in?
15. How many children did Robert and Margaret have?
16. How many of their children lived to adulthood?
17. What special group did Margaret join?
18. At the end of Margaret’s life what are the three things she valued?
19. What did Margaret die from?
20. What special hobby did Robert take up?
21. What did Robert invent?
22. What did Robert die from?