Sunday, November 14, 2010

John C. Jones 1786 - 1862


Notes for JOHN C. JONES:
John C. Jones was a Methodist minister. The early settlers built a chapel for worship. It was called the "Chapel" however later it was renamed "The Jones Chapel Methodist Church".
"In 1817, long before Alabama became a state, the Jones family came from North Carolina and settled in the Massey -community. Had the territory of North Carolina not become so overcrowded according to the Jones family they would never have made such a long trip. The roads were more of a trail than road, but the caravan moved slowly along with the prospect of seeing the big river known as the Tennessee."
From Founders Day Jubilee 1875-1975 (A history of Falkville, Ala.)

Other sources say the Jones family came from Virginia. And there are several reports as to where the Jones family lived in Morgan County, Alabama. John C. Jones did enter land with the U. S. Government in Southwest Morgan County in 1831 (Massey community). Morgan County maps show a Jones branch running into and winding through Day’s Gap. We feel sure this branch was named for our Jones family.