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Margaret Howard McBride 1871 - 1942

No children ever had finer parentage than we did. Comfort

Back LtoR Annie, Elizabeth, Margaret, Middle, Orlando, Heber, Elizabeth, Front Clarence and Parley     

Margaret's fathers biography: Heber Robert McBride

Joseph Bachman and Margaret McBride (Bachman). Photo taken December 1934.  She was 63 and he was 65.  Joseph is Emma' Bachman (Scholl's) older brother by 19 years 9.9 mo. (Same mother.)


1916 I took a train to Ogden and stayed at my brother Joseph's.
Lyle and Mark were little boys. Mark was the baby and fat. 

1927 We stayed in my brother Joseph's beautiful brick house, 666 21st Street. He had
a half acre of garden, berries and fruit. He also owned a 90
acre farm in Eden and he and Maggie and Mark and Lyle were up
there all week, came down Saturday and went back Monday. We went
up and stayed on the farm a while.

I weighed 90 pounds when I got there. Maggie worried over my weak body. She
and Joseph were very kind to us. They wouldn't take a cent of
pay, even for lights and gas.

Joseph took us out on 12th Street and we picked peaches and
bought them very cheap and I made peach preserves and put it in
lard buckets Aunt Maggie gave me. Joseph also brought down a lot
of choke-cherries and I made ten gallons buckets of choke- cherry
jelly for George.

He (Edward Saunders) was a good singer and I saw him at the San
Diego Fair in 1915 and in Ogden in 1927, when I stayed at my brother
Joseph's house at 666 - 21st, he was then Bishop of the Fourth Ward.

I forgot to say that two sealing excursions when our family was
permitted to do sealings in evenings in salt Lake Temple were
August 19th, 1938 when Joseph and Margaret Bachman, William and
Ida Stone, Rosella and Elijah Larkin, Lyle Bachman, Charlotte
Nichols, Bertha and I, also Lorenzo Young and Wister Wallace of
Farmington acted as proxies, Edward Clark officiating.

Wife of Joseph Bachman

Note: I have a handwritten copy of this document. Comfort B. Bock copied it 3 March 1978. It was originally written by Margaret McBride Bachman 14 March 1938. I do not know where the original is. I suspect it was in the possession of Comfort Bock.

Margaret Howard McBride daughter of Heber Robert McBride and Elizabeth Ann Burns was born in Eden, Weber Co. Utah 31 March 1871 at the family home and lived there until I was 7 years old. Then the family moved to Plain City, lived there 5 years and back to Eden. There were six girls and 5 boys in the family. Father was a farmer and we always had plenty to do for it was very hard to make a living in those pioneer days.

We older children had very little education. We could go in the summer and had to walk two miles to the school and 2 miles back. The winters were so hard and for days there were no roads open for travel. The snow was always 4 and 5 feet deep. We used to spend those days sewing carpet rags, piecing quilts, knitting and fancy work of our time. When I was 14 I was chosen to be secretary fo the Mutual and filled that place for seven years.

I was married to Joseph Bachman 8 December 1890 in Ogden City County House by Judge Cross. 10 Aug. 1906 we too the family to S. L. City Temple where we were married, sealed and our children sealed to us. I was Relief Society visiting teacher for many years, then social services teacher for 6 years and a teacher in Primary 3 years and President of the Relief Society for 2 years in Eden.

Then we built a home at 666-21st in Ogden and we were in the 4th Ward 10 years. I taught Religion Class 3 years and then the seminary started and Religion Class was done away with. I was called to be a theological teacher and did that for 6 years.

We then moved to North Ogden for 2 years, back to Ogden for 2 years then to Clearfield, Utah. I am the mother of 11 children, 3 passed away in infancy and 8 lived to maturity. Then Halvy passed away very suddenly at the age of 28. We were just getting over that shock when Velva Ann 26 was killed in an auto accident. That broke us in health and spirit until we can’t get over it. We aren’t able to do much but we try to do our church work. We have 3 sons and a daughter married. Have sent 4 sons on missions, 6 through college, and raised 3 orphan boys to manhood. They are both married and live in Idaho. We have 8 grandchildren and one great grandchild.

We have always tried to help the sick and divide with the poor wherever we have lived. We moved back to Ogden 17 May 1939. In 1940 I was chosen to be a Relief Society teacher.

Notes: Soon after mother became ill with cancer of the liver. (pancreas)  In March 1942 after Pearl Harbor, my two girls Margaret and Carol Ann and I returned to Utah and lived with mother until she died 4 Oct. 1942 of cancer. I then sold the home, Frank came on his way to Gainesville, Florida and the girls and I joined him.

Typed by Danel W. Bachman, 4 November 2007. If she wrote this in 1938, the note about being chosen to be a Relief Society teacher in 1940 must have been an addendum.

On October 4, 1942 Mother died of cancer of the pancreas. She was buried in the family plot in Eden.
No children ever had finer parentage than we did.

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