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Joseph Bachman 1868 - 1940

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1905 Baby Bachman

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Joseph Bachman and Margaret McBride Bachman.  Photo taken December 1934.  She was 63 and he was 65.

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Death certificate: 

1940 SL Telegram May10

 From book:

Picture of his family:
LtoR Blaine, Gainer, Rex, Halvy, Comfort
Second row, Lyle, Margaret Mc Bride, Mark, Joseph, Velva Ann


Joseph Bachman and sons:
LtoR...Blaine, Gainer, Joseph, Lyle, Rex, Mark




For Margaret's Bio: Margaret Howard McBride

Written by his wife Margaret
28 Feb 1938

Pic of Margaret:




Written by his wife Margaret
28 Feb 1938
Copied by Comfort Bock, 3 March 1978

            Joseph sone of Jacob Bachman and Anna Hegetschweiler.
            Joseph Bachman was born 8 Feb 1868 in Eden Weber Co. Utah.  He had little schooling for the schools were run so different in those days.  A poor man with a large family couldn’t get money to pay the tuition as it had to be paid every month and money was almost unknown to poor people.
            He started to work in the mountains cutting logs for a sawmill at the age of 14.  He was large and strong for his age and he did that hard work for a good many years until the mills had to close as the timber was all cut in the canyons and mountains in that valley.

            Joseph then bought a farm in Eden and was a successful farmer and kept on at farming and working for the S.P.R.R. Co. Until 1937 when he sold his farm as his health and age would not permit him to carry on.

            He was a very busy man always in a hurry but always had time to help the poor, the widows and orphans and give an encouraging word.  He married Margaret McBride 8 Dec. 1890 and from that union 11 children were born, 7 sons and 4 daughters.  Five of them have passed on.  H and his wife raised 2 orphan boys to manhood.  Both of them are married and have families.  Four of our children are married and have families.

            Joe, as he was called, held many positions in the church and held all the different degrees of priesthood.  He was: ward teacher for years, assistant superintendent of Sunday School, a teacher in the Young Men’s Mutual, Sunday School teacher, Aaronic Priesthood teacher.  Four sons went on missions, one son, Gainer went to World War I and it was the hardest mission of all, he was overseas 13 months.  Six children finished college.

            H was always trying to do things in the town where he was born, and raised.  He was president of the Eden Irrigation Co., president of the town’s water system, and worked on the line until it was completed.  He always provided a good home for his family and they were always provided for .  The family lived in Eden for many years.  One son occupies the old family home for Joe bought a small place in Clearfield, Utah and it is the family home now.

            Joseph was baptized 5 July 1877 by Peter Johnson and confirmed by Enoch Burns the same day in Eden.  Ordained and [sic] Elder 29 Mar, 1886; ordained a Seventy 15 April 1909 by J. Golden Kimball, in Eden; ordained a High Priest 25 March 1928 by Ellsworth J. Weaver Ogden 4th Ward.  Patriarchal blessing given by Edward A. Olsen 13 May 1931 in Ogden.

            He took a stroke 16 Oct 1938 and had to sell the place in Clearfield and moved back to Ogden as his health was so poor.  2 May 1940 had another stroke and was bed fast until 9 May 1940 and passed away at his home 465-20th Ogden.  He was buried in the family plot in Eden, Weber Co 11 May 1940.  Services were conducted in the 4th Ward chapel.

Typed by Danel W. Bachman, 4 November 2007.

From Prominent Men of Utah:

BACHMAN, JOSEPH (son of Jacob Bachman and Anna 
Hazel Sweiler). Born Feb. 8, 1869, Eden, Utah. 

Married Margaret H. McBride, Dec. 8, 1890 (daughter of 
Heber R. McBride, born May 13, 1843, Churchton, Eng., a 
pioneer Nov. 30, 1856, Edward Martin handcart company, 
and Elizabeth Ann Burns, born Feb. 17, 1851). She was born 
March 30, 1871, Eden, Utah. Their children: J. Reel b. Oct. 
19, 1895; Malva E. b. April 21, 1898; Comfort M. b. Sept. 2, 
1900; Blaine b. Aug. 6, 1902; Velva b. June 30, 1906; Alta b. 
Nov. 24, 1910. 

Counselor 133d quorum seventies; Sunday school officer; 
teacher Y. M. M. I. A. 

1.  Joseph Rexel Bachman 1891 - 1978 married Elisabeth Stanford Goddard 1893 - 1980
2.  Heber Gainer Bachman 1893 - 1982 married Rhea Margaret Murphy 1900, - 1971
      son: Jay Bachman
3.  Merlin Henry Bachman 1895 - 1896
4.  Halvy Elias Bachman 1898 - 1926 no wife
5.  Frank Leonard Bock 1905 - 1985 married Comfort Margaret Bachman 1900 - 1985
6.  Blaine Bachman 1902 - 1969 married Margaret Augusta Dye 1090 - 1989
7.  Daughter Bachman 1905 - 1905 (we have her death certificate)
8  Velva Ann Bachman 1906 1932
9.  Alta McBride Bachman 1910 - 1910
10.  Lyle Bachman 1912 - 1989 married Adele M. Mendonca 1918 - 1994
11.  Mark Jacob Bachman 1915 - 1992

Death certificate for baby Bachman:


Joseph lived at 465 20th Street Ogden, across from the Ogden Cemetery:

Death certificate:


Like many Bachman's Joseph chose to be buried in the Mountain View Cemetery, Eden, UT


Family links:

Weber County
Utah, USA

Research Notes:

Emma's brother, Joseph, had the most children. I was interested in Joseph because I had exchanged letters with two of his children in the 1970's, Comfort and Rex (who went by J.R.). J.R. wrote to me that his father Joseph was the last owner of Verena and Henry's home in Ogden. I've been wanting to place just where that home was located in Ogden and thought that checking census records on Joseph would give me the answer, but I'm beginning to think that, while Joseph owned Verena's old home, he never lived there. I think Joseph "owned properties". After leaving Eden, Joseph and family appeared to have lived in a number of houses. In researching Joseph, I found some newspaper articles and obituaries about the family, the saddest being about daughter Velva dying in a car crash in Hawaii and Halvy dying suddenly at a young age just after serving a 4-year mission in New Zealand (where my mission was).

On a happier note, I found out more about J.R.-- He wrote a book about the sugar industry in Utah, was chairman of the fundraising committee that built the David O'McKay hospital in Weber County, and he was grand marshal of Ogden's Pioneer Day Parade one year. Both Comfort and Velva were teaching in Hawaii at the time of Velva's death. Comfort accompanied Velva's body back to Eden. Comfort appeared to have returned again to Hawaii. I'm betting that she met and married her military-decorated husband, Mr. Bock, there. Did Comfort have children? She also taught at Ogden High School.