Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gardiners in Nauvoo

Charles Hulet was born in 1790. While living in Portage, Ohio, he built a blacksmith shop and made a living as a wheelwright, wagon maker and blacksmith. He also had a cottage industry of making chairs. Charles discovered sugar maple trees and set up a cheese-making factory. The enterprise had much to do with the prosperity of Portage County for the next seventy-five years. They went through the persecution of the Missouri period.

Eventually the family escaped to Nauvoo where they helped with the construction of the Nauvoo Temple. Charles and Margaret were sealed in the Nauvoo Temple on December 18, 1845.

2010 Nauvoo Temple from Deborah Gardiner on Vimeo.

Charles Hulet b 1793
Nauvoo : Block 26, Lot 4
Wells: Block 4
Carlos and Partridge
Looking north the property would be on the northwest corner

Here is the property:

2010 Charles Hulet in Nauvoo from K on Vimeo.

Second property:

2010 Charles Hulet's Second Nauvoo Property from K on Vimeo.

2010 Charles Hulet's Neighbors from Deborah Gardiner on Vimeo.

David Stoker
(Four children including David, died in Council Bluffs, Iowa)
(This is the father of Catherine Stoker)
Probably lived in an outlying area.
David’s brother Michael owned land in Nauvoo.
Jacob Stoker was here as well.
Eller Stoker also lived here.
T4 R8 (Wythe)
John W. Stoker T4R7, Bear Creek

2010 Deer Creek, Nauvoo Area from Deborah Gardiner on Vimeo.