Friday, June 11, 2010

Kroksh Quiz

1. How is the name Kroksh really spelled?

Answer: Kroksch. (German spelling) When Anna Elizabeth Guysler came over with her husband and children she decided to change the spelling to Kroksh. All people with the name Kroksh are related to the same family which came across the ocean in 1862.

2. What dramatic and life changing event happened on ship when the Krokshes came to America?

Answer: The family watched shell shocked as Ferdinand's body was shoved overboard after his death on ship. His son Augustus was four at the time and years later he said he never forgot that moment.

3. How many siblings did Glen Kroksh have?

Answer: Two. Elizabeth middle, Glen right and "Jay" on the left:

4. What member of the family was one of the first settlers of Laguna, California?

Answer: Lestie Kroksh, daughter of Agustus and Martha Lestie Holdaway, married Clyde Boothe and build a home in Laguna Beach, California two blocks from the ocean.

Lestie and Clyde Boothe's home was
2 blocks from the beach.

5. Which Kroksh was killed in a most unusual way by a woman?

Answer: As Augustus Kroksh sat in his wheel chair in his daughter's home in Laguna Beach, California a car driven by a woman careened down the street across an abutment, through a hedge and headlong through the front room window finally crashing into poor Augustus instantly killing him.

6. Which family member served as a bishop?

7. Answer: The husband of Martha Lestie Kroksh: Clyde Booth served as bishop of the Laguna Beach Ward.

Clyde and Lestie Boothe
Laguna Beach Ward

8 Do we have any photos of early Krokshes in elementary school?

9. Are there any Kroksh 4 generation photos?

LtR Donna May Boothe, Augustus Kroksh, Lestie Boothe
and Gerry Kroksh.