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William Athol McMaster

Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland, birthplace of William:
Greenock Renfrew, Scotland
Baptized 15 April 1840
Rope Maker
Liverpool to New Orleans
12 Mar 1854 – 2 May 1854

John M. Wood

Family Members

Oct 21, 1865 Millennial Star:

Lincolnshire Conference.—Elder Robert Watson, jun., writing from Grantham, says a Conference was held there lately in the Corn Exchange Hall, at which were present, Elders James Townsend, President of the Nottingham District ; Robert Watson, jun., President of the Lincolnshire Con

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ferenew ; William A. McMaster, Travelling Elder in the Lincolnshire Conference ; Richard R. Birkbeck, Travelling Elder in the Nottingham Conferenee, and Heber J. Richards. The forenoon meeting was occupied in hearing reports from the various Branch Presidents, as to the condition of the Branches. The Saints were represented as striving to keep the commandments of God, and doing all in their power to roll on the Work of the last days. Elder R. K. Birkbeck occupied the remainder of the time in speaking to the Saints. In the afternoon Elder W. A. McMaster addressed an attentive congregation on the first principles of the Gospel, followed by Elder R. Watson, jun. The evening meeting was also occupied in an interesting and instructive manner, after which Conference was dismissed, all feeling satisfied with the day's proceedings.
Deseret Weekly, 1890:
Bishep David 8. Cook departed this life at ihe family residence in South Weber early on the morning of May 5th, 1890, after a brief illness, pneumonia being the cause of his death. The obsequies over the body were held on Tuesday, May 6th. After prayer at the home of the family by Elder George W. Larkins, the casket containing the remains were conveyed to the meeting-house, where services were held. The pall bearers were his seven sons — David, Andrew, James, Thomas, Joseph, Heury, and George.
The house was filled to overflowing, and scores had to remain ou the outside of the building for lack of room inside to accommodate them.
The assembly was addressed by Elders Joseph Hall, Bishop P. Barton, Joseph Murdock, Presidents John W. Hess aud W. R. Smith, the many excellent qualities of the deceased were dwelt up<>n at length. Words of sympathy and comfort were spoken to the widow and family of the deceased and they were commended to the protection of Him who alone can effectually assuage their grief.
The benediction was delivered by Elder Thos. G. Rouche, after which the remains were consigned to the tomb.
David 8. Cook was the son of David Cook aud Margaret Simpson. He was born January 19, 1829, at Kincardine, Perthshire, Scotland. He was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Sainte, January 3, 1846, by William A. McMaster; was ordained a Teacher in 1847 and labored among the people in that capacity until January 12, 1848. In the March following lie entered on his miuistry as a traveling Elder, aud continued his labors as such until the spring of 1850, when he was released, aud in company with his brother, William Cook, and a company of "Mormons" over whom he presided during their journey, he started for Utah. After eight weeks of ocean life he landed at New Orleans. The following spring he commenced his journey to Salt Lake City, reaching there September 27, 1851. There he went to work quarrying rock for the foundation of the Temple. On September 24, 1852, he was married to Janet Hunter, daughter of Robert aud Ann Hunter. He was a member of the 25th Quorum of Seventies. In June. 1856, he was ordained a High Priest, by Father Kingston, and was appointed as one of Bishop Kingston's counselors. He was subsequently appointed counselor to Bishop Richmond Cook.


Kristen, Sorry no copies available that I can find however you can go to the webpage below and get the particulars.  The diaries are housed on the 4th floor Marriott Lib at the U. of U.  Any chance I can get a full size digital copy of William McMaster's picture? Regards, kent