Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Morris David Low 1887 - 1950

MORRIS DAVID LOW, 63, died 8 Dec 1950 in Salt Lake City [Utah]. Burial in Paris [Idaho] Cemetery. [Mr. Low served as principal of Soda Springs High School for several years and was a very well loved educator].
Paris Idaho: As of the census of 2000, there were 576 people, 218 households, and 168 families residing in the city. (That is three times bigger than Malta!) Paris was settled by a group of dedicated Mormons led by Charles C Rich. During early years, pioneers suffered difficulties with the harsh cold climate, however their determination and faith kept them from leaving the area.
Paris is small but does have a Tabernacle which seats 2,000 people:

Morris David Low later married Myrtle Hoff Pendrey who had been married before.

From History of Idaho:

Mr. and Mrs. Hoff became the parents of seven children, namely: Beatrice H. Is the wife of George F. Lloyd; Henry H. married Ivy Dalrymple; Edmund C. is a farmer; Ernest P., also a farmer, married Emily Sorenson, who died in January, 1920, leaving a son, Ernest P.; Celestia G. died in infancy; Myrtle Deseret is the wife of William B. Pendrey; Frank, who has returned from France, where he served eleven months with the United States army, is now on a missipn in the interests of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in the eastern states. Mrs. Hoff died July 16, 1915, after a long illness.

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David was endowed at age 22, so I would assume he was active at that point.  He lived until 1996 so between 22 and then I couldn’t be sure.
Same for Howard Robert at age 26.
Those are the only clues I have.  Perhaps you could locate obituaries for them that may give more clues even though that can be risky since many times families don’t like to admit inactivity in public obituaries.
Sorry I don’t have any more information that may help.


I am slow as molasses sometimes but I do get my emails.  I have photos of Beatrice and Morris.  Histories no so much.  My dad died several years ago and I don't think he left any histories behind.  I can check with cousins and see if any of them have histories.  Give me a day or two to do some hunting and I will get photos to you.  FYI I am the daughter or Howard Low who was the youngets child of Morris and Beatrice.
Chris Andrews