Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Elizabeth (Beth) Kroksh 1914 - 1990

Clyde, Lestie, Beth, Agustus
Elizabeth Kroksh was born 26 May 1914 to Charles and Vera Kroksh. She married Forest Dale Hart in Forest 28 May 1932 in Newhall, CA. Newhall is known for being the home of famous movie star William S. Hart. We have not found a direct connection to Dale Hart but the names do make one wonder if they are related. Forest died in 1966. Elizabeth married George Alexander Sprague 21 April 1974. George died in 1980. After outliving two husbands, Elizabeth died in 1990 in Los Angeles, the same year her sister-in-law Audrey Kroksh died. Elizabeth lived to be 76.

Documents related to Elizabeth (Beth) Kroksh:

1929 Beth-black  Lestie behind, Clyde, Agustus, Glen

Beth and Forrest Dale Hart

LtR Augusta Kroksh, Bill Hart, child?, Elizabeth Kroksh

LtR Agusta Kroksh

1940s Beth

LtR Bob Rayson and Bill Hart
1960 George Sprague and Elizabeth Kroksh 
1977 Jane, Jay, George, Beth, and Audrey Kroksh October   18