Saturday, May 2, 2020

Charles Arthur Kroksh 1892 - 1966

Charles Arthur Kroksh was born 20 Feb 1892 in Deweyville, Box Elder, Utah, USA. He became a mechanic in Los Angeles. He owned a gas station on Sunset Blvd in west Hollywood and lived above that station. He made good money and later was able to build a home where the 405 and the 10 freeways now meet. His wife Vera Brough was very active in the LDS church.  He died 22 October 1966 in Santa Monica, Los Angeles County, CA.

Glen's father is on the lower right. According to Carol when Glen's father was a deacon he, and a bunch of other deacons, sneaked into the church kitchen before a gathering and ate all of the ice cream. The bishop was furious and reprimanded the boys in public. Glen's father never went to church again.

Documents related to Charles Arthur Kroksh:

1917 WWI Draft registration

1917 WWI Draft registration

 Arthur, Bill and Ferd Kroksh

Charles and Martha Lestie Kroksh

Charles Augusta Kroksh family. 

Charles and Gerry Kroksh

Charles Arthur gets married to Vera Brough:

2010 Art and Vera from Kent on Vimeo.