Saturday, January 2, 2010

John Howlett 1647 - 1708

  • GIVN: John
  • SURN: Howlett
  • Sex: M
  • Born: 1647 in Of, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
  • Died: 6 Nov 1708 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts
  • AFN: 8KKT-96 1676 in 16 Nov 20041
  • _UID: F6CB58532A0111DAB9B700A0CC5D9B65BB6E
  • Baptised LDS: 23 Sep 1933 3 Oct 1933
  • TEMP: LOGAN - Logan Utah 16 Nov 20042 13 Sep 1995
  • TEMP: BOUNT - Bountiful Utah
  • Record last updated: 8 Nov 2008
  • TIME: 18:07
  • Notes:
    This individual has the following other parents in the Ancestral File:
    John /HOWLETT (AFN:8KL0-Z9) and Unknown
    John /HOWLET/ (AFN:8KKT-DP) and Unknown

    He is John (1) Howlett in the notes from O C Day

    In 1662 Charles II granted Connecticut a very liberal charter (from sea to sea). 2 copies were made. In 1685, his brother James II became king of England; and as he didn't share the views of Charles II, he appointed the tyrant Sir Edmond Andros as governor of New York and New England. He took away the Massachusetts charter of liberty and in 1687 arrived in Hartford to take away the Connecticut Charter. But as Andros was reading the order, the Captain ordered the band to play. Andros ordered the music to stop. The Captain ordered the band to play and said to Andros, "If you tell them again to stop, "I'll let daylight through you."

    Suddenly the light went out. When the candles were again lit, the charter had disappeared. (Tradition has it that a Hart Councilor fell in a swoon over the candles and put them out. In the meantime they were supposedly passed out the window to Captain Joseph Wadsworth who in turn hid them in an old oak tree, which stood nearby.)

    Historical evidence is lacking on the exact part that Wadsworth played in the "hiding of the Charter", but he evidently hid it in some fashion, as he was later awarded 20 schillings for "faithful and good service, especially in securing the duplicate charter of this Colony when our constitution was struck at." (This same captain Joseph Wadsworth is a direct ancestor of our Whiting relatives. (on the Paternal line.)

    Our John (1) Howlett refused to live in Boston near the Tyrant Andros, so abandoned his blacksmith shop and removed to Newton.

    Your cousin, Orville Cox Day