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Mary Ann Lacey Criddle 1830 - 1909

Mary Ann Lacey, daughter of Barnard Lacy and Pricilla Perry was born February 15, 1830, at Crewkerne, Somersetshire, England. She was married to James Campion who was later killed in the Crimean War, and by him she had one child, James. When he was eight years old, she came to the United States. Before leaving England in the year 1858 (April 21st) she married George Criddle son of Henry Criddle and Mary Bull. He was born in Taunton, Somerset-shire England 15th, 1838.

While crossing the ocean they encountered terrible storms, Marry Ann was very sick the entire six week it took to cross. She was so sick that all she was afraid of was that she wouldn't drown. There were a number of Mormon Elders on board and during the storms the passengers crowded around them, thinking the nearer they were to them the safer they would be. When they arrived at Boston they were put in Quarteen for ten days. They were taken in the tug boats and landed at Florence, there they stayed for two weeks.

Not much is kow about the crossing of the plains by the Criddle family except that they were very poor. It happened, though, that they traveled with some people who were better provided for then they and the lady was very good to Mary Ann. One night this lady was very sick and the husband came to Mary Ann and asked her to come to stay with his wife, she did but before morning the lady died. A grave was dug, the body put in and the company had to leave. It seemed so heartless but nothing else could be done. The family reached Utah in Oct 1862. Mary Ann was so weak that she could not walk. Six weeks after thier arrival, a daughter, Jane, was born. Because of the lack of proper food and ____ she was a odd looking baby but soon got all right.

The first winter was spent at Richville then they moved to Littleton in the place known as the old Campbell home. They were very poor and had only one room to live in.

Her sister and family came to live with them. They used a little shack behind the house for sleeping quarters. For all they were so poor she often said it was the happiest time of thier lives. Often George, her husband would take a few pounds of butter or other produce over the mountain into Salt Lake City to exchange for a little tea or a spool of thread or a bit of sugar which at this time were luxuries. She did
all of her own sewing, men's pants, shirts and garments.

She died at the home of Edward and Cynthia in Littleton on February 2nd, 1909.

George and Mary Ann had eight children.


William Slade

Amelia Lacey (Slade) (Dean

Priscilla Perry (Lacey) 1803 - 1889

From Find-A-Grave:

  Bernard Lacey (1803 - 1849)
  Priscilla Perry Lacey (1803 - 1889)
  George Malcom Criddle (1838 - 1891)*
  Charles Henry Criddle (1864 - 1901)*
  William Edward Criddle (1866 - 1953)*
  George Lacy Criddle (1868 - 1934)*
  Eliza Criddle Wilcox (1871 - 1907)*

Milton Cemetery 
Morgan County
Utah, USA
Plot: 28E