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William Alfred Jones 1861 - 1903

William Alfred Jones was born January 15, 1861 to John Jones and Abby Livesay in Cookeville, TN.  He and his brother, Isaac, moved to Arizona where they were cowboys.

“Isaac married Becky Mahan, settling near Humboldt and Mayer.  In later years Becky
operated a little store in Humbodt.” Pioneer Stories of Arizona’s Verde Valley, Mattie Mahan Hansen

“When Indians broke out from the reservations and went on their raids, the soldiers from Camp Verde would go out and hunt them up and make them go back where they belonged.  We were warned of “indian scare” as we called it when we were on the mountain.  The Cliff family, our family, I think the Isaac Jones family, and perhaps the Strahans, all went to the Henry Wingfied’s place, where Bill
Wingflied was building a log house, and we camped in the unfinished house.  We saw no indians, but we did the see the soldiers go by, and some said they had indians with them.

Once my sisters went to a nearby indian camp and asked an old woman if she would show them some scalps.  She grinned and picked up a sack from the ground, but a buck standing near shook his head and she put the sack down.”  Pioneer Stories of Arizona’s Verde Valley, Lenora Bristow Lee

“William married Martha Jane Human on November 6, 1892 and together they had four children, James Edward in 1893, William Oscar in 1895, George Bryan in 1898 and Burl Wilson in 1901.

1870 census:

1900 census:


William Alfred was a farmer, miner, and cowboy.

Two years after Burl’s birth, William died from heart disease.  He is buried at Middle Verde Cemetery, AZ.”  Kent Gardiner

Wiliam Alfred Jones married Julie West;, then Martha Jane Human on 6 Nov 1898

William Alfred had a brother who went to Arizona with him. His name was Isaac Jones.

From Pioneer Stories: Becky married a man by the name of Isaac Jones and started raising her own family, finally settling near Humboldt. In later years she operated a little store in Humboldt. The last I heard, her two boys were still there, running their own cattle. They are Arthur and Elmer Jones. when Aunt Bekay became old and practically helpless, she entered the Pioneer's Home in Prescott. She died in the Home in October, 1940. She is buried in the Prescott Cemetery.

Pioneer Stories: In the spring when the creek was up, my father would take us to a narrow place and fell a tree across the creek for us to cross on to go to school. Often the tree would be carried away by the high water and he would have to fell another the next morning, but here were plenty of trees. One moring he cut an alder for us, and ht told me and a neighbor child Julie Jones, to wait while he led my sister across. I waited but Julie started across along. As he turned, off she went into the flood water! He made a leap and caught her as she hit the water, and set her, soaking wet and bawling, on the other bank, where she ran to the cliff's house for dry clothing.

Middle Verde Cemetery
Camp Verde
Yavapai County
Arizona, USA

Grave marker is in the south section B. just west of only large Cedar Tree.