Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mary Agnes Young 1901 - 1986

Mary Agnes Young, the youngest daughter of James Absalom Young and Lillian Adelaide Hurst was born in Colonia, Bublan, a Mormon settlement in Chihuahua, Mexico. Her mother died when the saints were driven out of Mexico. It was necessary for her to live with her older brothers who had settled in a little Mormon community near Tucson, Arizona. There she met Harold C. Brown, whom she married in the Salt Lake Temple, later moving to Mesa Arizona in 1923.

In those days when families were fortunate to have even one car, she was confined to the farm while raising her children. Mary never learned how to drive. She longed for the sociality of ward activities and would often walk several miles to church. Mary had a great desire to do good, but born in the colonies, largely confined to the farm, not being able to drive, she suffered from being isolated.

She was interested in genealogy and was actively engaged in gathering as much information as possible by corresponding with many people. She attended the Temple as often as possible, which was not always easy.

In her later years after selling the farm, they were able to move into town. She could easily walk to church and the Temple. She was able to take a few trips, including to the Holy Land and a Church history tour. Mary was also active in the Daughters of the Utah pioneers.

Before her death Mary wrote this: Dad wants me to will all of the property to him.  The will is good in Arizona.  If Dad survives me he may marry a young woman and raise a large family.  He will need the half.  So rest on laurels if he never marries.  I advise all five of you to borrow money from Dad so his blood sucking relatives and friends don't get it.  But with reservations, look after Dad - that is your duty.  You won't need to if he marries and has a good wife and children, will likely die with them.  He says he'll not marry.  I hope he does.

Walter Ernst Young was Mary's brother: