Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jacob Hegetschweiler 1825 -

Research: names found in  Ottenbach ZH - Bär, Berli, Frei, Funk, Grob, Gut, Häberling, Hegetschweiler, Hug, Leutert, Leuthert, Meier, Schneebeli, Schoch, Sidler, Widler, Wydler.

Research: State Archives of Zurich
Board of Krämer Jacob Hegetschweiler of Ottenbach on him imposed Claßensteuer 1837

Election of Mr. Jacob Hegetschweiler from Ottenbach to the district doctor. 1841

Research:  Beth Robinson, I read with interest your post on Ancestry as follows:

Hi (2011)
Jacob Hegetschweiller was the brother of Julia
Julia Hegetschweiller is my great grandmother
She married William Wallace Moyer and my grandmother was heir youngest child Florence Lillian Moyer

I am very interested in anything on Jacob Hegetschweiller and am wondering if we could open communication if this is the same man
I am related to. 

My name is Kent Gardiner, I have a family history website. GatheringGardiners Anna Hegetschweiler is my grandmother.  See attached.

Best regards, Kent Gardiner, Eagle Mountain UT,

 NY Passenger list 1864:

 Julia Hegetschweiler info, for research only: