Thursday, July 9, 2009

What is Currently Available?

Family History Library, SLC

What is currently available?
I am able to offer the following genealogical resources listed below. Email me your request using the link at the bottom of the page. Items that have been digitized can be either emailed or burned onto a DVD. Hard copies can be photocopied and spiral bound, if you wish. Spiral bound books cost $20 a piece, which includes the photocoping, binding, packing and postage.

1. Gardiners

*The James Hulet Gardiner DVD includes a slideshow of his life, a short and long written history of his life, a slideshow of the lives of Elaine Scholl Gardiner (first wife) and Carol Thomsen Gardiner (second wife). It also includes a slideshow of Carol Thomsen Gardiner's Heritage, two long interviews with JHG, one in Stevenson Ranch and one in Malta, plus a few short videos of JHG.

* A digital copy is available by CD or email of the Elaine Mary Scholl Gardiner's life history written by Kent from notes left by Elaine and from her mother Emma's history.

*A digital copy is available by CD or emailof Hope Hulet Gardiner's life history written by Mary Gardiner and Gloria Ottley from notes left by Hope.

*A digital copy is available by CD or email of Fred and Hope Gardiner's pictures, sometimes called Mary's Negatives, scanned by Scott G., labeled by Mary G., revised summer 2009.

2. Hulets

*Spiral bound book on Charles Hulet, our first ancestor in the church, full history. 234 pages

*Spiral bound book on Sylvanus Hulet, put together by Kent Hulet. 26 pages

*Small spiral bound book on Catherine Stoker, put together by Kent Hulet. 125 pages

*Spiral bound book on the history of the Hulet name and how it has been changed over time by Kent Hulet. 18 pages

*Spiral bound pamphlet on Sylvanus Cyrus and Catherine Stoker. 6 pages

3. Stewarts

Nothing at present

4. Scholls

*Handwritten and digital copy of Emma's history written by herself. This is a pretty complete history of her life from beginning to end with and an postscript provided by Audrey K.

*A digital copy is available by CD or email of George Scholl history, written by Kent from interviews with Audrey and the use of Emma's history.

5. Weinerts

*Spiral bound book of August Weinert History. about 75 pages

6. Dalleys

*Spiral bound book James Dalley's history written by Wes Larsen, parts 1, 2, and 3. 107 pages, 97 pages and 120 pages

* Spiral bound history of Summit by Wes Larsen. 100 pages

7. Browns

*The Suzanne Brown DVD has a slideshow of her life, short and long written histories, a number of short video episodes, plus excerpts of her writing. It also includes "Suzanne's Heritage", a short video piece on her ancestors.

*The Marjorie and James Brown DVD includes slideshows of both of their lives and three interviews arranged and done by Suzanne Brown just before Marjorie died in 1987.

* Print copy of Marjorie Brown's Life.

*Print copy of James Brown's Life.

8. Bertelsens

*A digital copy is available by CD or email or a hard copy of A Dozen Good Danish People, a general history of Neils and Maren Bertelsen.

*A digital copy is available by CD or email of Thrine Bertelsen's history.

9. Bachman

*Photo copies of the history of Jacob and Anna Bachman. a few pages