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James Dalley 1822 - 1905

When James was 18 years old he heard missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He came home and told his mother he had found the true gospel. James and his whole family were baptized and became members. Five years after his baptism, James married a pretty girl named Sarah Ann Bishton. They had a little girl named Ann Elizabeth. They wanted to come to America, but Sarah's parents said she could only go to America when James found a house there for her to live in.

So, in 1848 James Dalley, age twenty five, went aboard the barque (ship) “Carnatic” with his mother and siblings. This vessel set sail from Liverpool, England bound for New Orleans. Each family was required to supply its own rations. Among other things that meant 250 gallons of water and 40 pounds of oatmeal each.

Soon after setting sail, the ship ran into a terrific storm in the Bay of Biscay. It was caught between two great rocks, nearly wrecking the small vessel. Captain Mackenzie ordered the hatches closed, greatly fearing for the safety of the ship and passengers. Apostle Franklin D. Richards called upon the Saints and all others to unite in prayer for safety. Even Captain Mackenzie prayed with the passengers. Almost immediately after the close of the prayer, the ship was felt to give a great lunge forward which caused all on board to think the end had come for them. In the lunge forward, the ship safely passed the great rocks without serious damage. The weather calmed, and the captain and crew piloted the ship to its final destination, New Orleans.

When James got to America, he got a letter with very sad news. His wife and little baby had died while he was gone. He then traveled to Iowa where he met and fell in love with Emma Wright.

Following church tenets, James became a polygamist. After marrying Emma Wright in 1852, he married Johanna Bolette or Lette Bertelsen in 1856, and Thrine, Lette’s sister, in 1861. From the three wives, 44 children were born; 14 passed away and 30 grew to honorable man and womanhood.

Because Federal legislation was passed forbidding polygamy in 1882, and the Manifesto issued in 1890, polygamy was forbidden. From that time on, Grandfather lived with only one wife, Thrine, but he divided his property equally among all three families. Family members said he ruled his home in equity and love without contention. James died at 81 and is buried in Summit.


Marriage certificate:

Leominster, England:

Iowa, Pottawattamie County, Annotated Record of US Census, 1850  

James Dalley
Birth Date:
20 Dec 1822
Birth Place:
Leominster, Herefordshire, England
Death Date:
3 May 1905
Death Place:
Summit, Iron, Utah
William Dalley
Ann Davies
Spouse Name:
Sarah Ann Bishton
Marriage Date:
17 Jul 1846
Marriage Place:
Aston, Warwickshire, England
Children of Spouse 1:
Ann Elizabeth
Second Spouse Name:
Emma Wright
Second Marriage Date:
15 Aug 1850
Second Marriage Place:
Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa
Children of Spouse 2:
James William, John Edward, Emma Wright, Mary Elizabeth, James William, William Wright, Alice Elizabeth, George Frederick, Harriet Maria, Richard Henry, John Philip, Albert Chester, Charles Rupert, Melissa Tryphena
Third Spouse Name:
Petrine Bertelson
Third Marriage Date:
15 Aug 1850
Third Marriage Place:
Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa
United States Federal Census, 1850; Ancestral File; FamilySearch; Mormon Pioneer Overland Trail; Black, Membership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1830-1848.
James was ordained a seventy; he journeyed to the Salt Lake Valley.
Household Members:
James Dalley27
Ann Davies Dalley59
Emma Wright Dalley21
Edward Dalley

James Dalley:

James Dalley, hand tinted photograph: 

Hand tinted portrait of James Dalley

James Dalley:

James Dalley:

1854 ordination to a seventy: 

Robert Campbell, clerk was James's brother in law

James' First Wife -- Emma Wright

James' Second Wife Bolette Bertlesen

James' Third Wife Pathrine Bertlesen





Dalley home, Summit, UT: 

Dalley Home -- Summit, Utah

1860 census:

1880 census: 

James Dalley about 1885: 

James Dalley: 

Daley home in Summit, UT: 

1893 Feb 18 SL Herald:

James Dalley and family with Philip Dalley second from right back row. 

James is on the top row with Emma Wright Dalley to the left and Bolette Bertelsen Dalley next to him on the right and Pathrine Bertelsen Dalley on the far right.  It appears that their children are probably entered under their mothers

James and Lettie's Adult Children

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 Better view of names:

Iron County Record (Cedar City, Utah), 1904-06-11

Death certificate: 

Grave marker, Summit, UT:
Salt Lake Temple on top, In memory of Patriarch James Dalley, Dec 22, 1882 - May 3, 1905, Father of 44 Children. He was a kind and affectionate husband a fond friend to all.

Summit Cemetery, Utah:

1934 July 6 Parowan Times, Dalley/Hulet family reunion: 

1939 July 7 Parowan Times, Dalley Outing:

Hope Hulet letter:

1965 September 28

Uncle Parley (1886 – 1970) is a very fine man but got too engrossed in schoolwork to be active in the church.  He has taught over 50 years in the College at Cedar City and is very highly respected.

Grandfather Dalley was a Patriarch and two of his sons were Patriarchs.  Some were Bishops and all except Uncle Parley were active in church work.  There were several who filled honorable missions for the church.  Many were schoolteachers especially the younger ones who had a better chance for higher education.  But even some of the older ones taught school and all were anxious and ready to improve themselves and learn by helping themselves.  My mother didn’t have a chance to attend school many years but she liked to read good books and could spell with the best of them.  She was made YWMIA President when she was 18 years old and held that position until I was a baby. 


September 6, 2012
James Dalley was born in England in 1822.
His second wife was Emma Wright.  They had 15 children.
Child #6 was William Wright Dalley, born in Summit 3 June 1859,  He (William Wright Dalley) married Magaretta Jane Jones.  They had 8 children.
Child #3 was John Henry Dalley I didn't write down who he married but her last name was Sargent.  Their second child was J Frank Dalley born 1913 in Panguitch,  lived in Summit, died 1990
Their third child was Max Sargent Dalley born 1915, died 2000.

Mary Ida Dalley was the daughter of James Dalley and Pathrina Dalley, the fourth wife of James Dalley. This is assuming the information on New FamilySearch is correct.  I have found many errors, but I'm sure this is essentially correct.


Birth: Dec. 22, 1822
Herefordshire, England
Death: May 3, 1905
Iron County
Utah, USA
Son of William Dalley and Ann Davis

Married Sarah Ann Bishton, 17 Jul 1846, Parish Of Aston, Warwick, England; Died 1849, Birmingham, Worcester, England

Married Emma Wright, 15 Aug 1850, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa

Married Johanna Bolette Nielsen Bertelsen, 9 Oct 1856, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah

Married Petrine Nielsen Bertelsen, 9 Oct 1861, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah

Utah Death Certificate

Family links:
  Ann Davis Dalley (1791 - 1875)

  Emma Wright Dalley (1833 - 1875)
  Johanna Bolette Nielsen Bertelsen Dalley (1835 - 1922)
  Threne Nielsen Bertelsen Dalley (1840 - 1914)

  James William Dalley (1851 - 1851)*
  John Edward Dalley (1852 - 1939)*
  Eliza Bertelsen Dalley Farnsworth (1855 - 1917)*
  Mary Elizabeth Dalley Hulet (1856 - 1943)*
  William Wright Dalley (1859 - 1931)*
  Alice Elizabeth Dalley Hulet (1860 - 1953)*
  Neilson Bertelsen Dalley (1861 - 1947)*
  Robert Bertelsen Dalley (1862 - 1953)*
  John James Dalley (1864 - 1864)*
  Mary Ida Dalley Hulet (1864 - 1948)*
  Harriet Maria Dalley Hulet (1865 - 1939)*
  Sarah Ann Dalley Hulet (1866 - 1954)*
  Richard Henry Dalley (1867 - 1956)*
  Susannah Bertelsen Dalley Armstrong (1868 - 1957)*
  Della Delilah Dalley (1871 - 1874)*
  Samuel Alfred Dalley (1872 - 1959)*
  Lehi Dalley (1872 - 1895)*
  Charles Rupert Dalley (1873 - 1968)*
  Lillian Rosilla Dalley White (1875 - 1947)*
  Threna Amelia Dalley Green (1877 - 1960)*
  Amelia Dalley Green (1877 - 1960)*
  Minnie Tryphena Dalley Thorley (1877 - 1912)*
  Julius Sylvester Dalley (1877 - 1954)*
  Sylvanus Dalley (1879 - 1879)*
  Esther Leona Dalley Winters (1880 - 1965)*
  Parley Bertelsen Dalley (1886 - 1970)*

Summit City Cemetery
Iron County
Utah, USA
Plot: L-9 h