Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gardiner Quiz

1. How many of your direct line ancestors joined the church in Europe and immigrated to Zion? What are their names?


1. James Gardiner
2. Ann Gall

3. Robert Gardiner
4. Margaret Stewart Gardiner
5. Anne Davis

6. James Dalley
7. Neils Bertelsen

8. Maren Bertelsen
9. Petrine Bertlesen

10. Jacob Bachman
11. Anna Sidler Hegetschweiler
12. Anna Sidler

2. Which direct line ancestors walked across the plains with handcarts?

Anna Sidler Hegetschweiler
Her youngest daughter

3. Which direct line ancestors were killed by a cannon?

Anna Sidler and her youngest daughter.

4. Who was your first ancestor to join the church?

Direct line ancestor: Charles Hulet 1831, less than a year after the church was
organized, indirect would be his brother Sylvester Hulet 1830, both in Kirtland, Ohio area.

5. Which direct line ancestor worked with Laurel and Hardy?

Audrey reported that George Scholl worked on some of the Laurel and Hardy films as a studio carpenter in the 1930's.

6. Are there American Indians in our bloodline?

Yes, Mary Lewis, granddaughter of Running Deer and husband to Sylvanus Hulet, was a dark-eyed dark-haired girl. Her mother, perhaps Jane, was even darker, half Indian, who married Francis Lewis. Jane's mother was Running Deer, a Mohawk Indian, who married a white man known as Squaw Man.

Mary was born 1763 in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, the far western county next to New York. The Mohawk village of her grandmother was in New York. Mary married Sylvanus Hulet, and moved to Portage County, Ohio. She was probably baptized in 1830 with the rest of the Hulet clan. With the church, Mary and several of her children moved to Missouri, and amid the persecution. Mary died in 1835 at 71 and was buried in Clay County, Missouri.

7. What is the coolest name in our line?

Experience Newton who was born in 1683 and bore Michael Howlett 8 children. She is in the Hulet line.

8. Which ancestor had three wives and when the Manifesto was declared in 1890, he split his possessions three ways and lived with the youngest wife (our ancestor) and was well regarded by everyone concerned?

James Dalley

9. Which ancestor lived during a time when there were cars but rode a horse instead?


It is reported by Carol Gardiner that Sylvanus Cyrus Hulet Jr. got carsick and preferred riding in a horse and buggy.

10. Which ancestor had a small family to care for and was called on a mission?


Sylvanus Cyrus Hulet Jr was born in Springville, Utah, 1857. With a small family to care for he received a call from the Church Authorities to serve a mission in the East Central States; Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. His twin brother, Sylvester, had been called a year before to serve a mission in England. Sylvanus had given his brother what money he could possibly raise and his watch. Now Sylvanus had to borrow $80.00, twenty of which he had to spend for an overcoat. Sylvanus was released from his mission in 1890.

11. Who was one of the first candy makers in Salt Lake City, UT?

Robert Gardiner (actual SLC ad for his candy)

12. Which direct line ancestor wore a Civil War uniform, shot a musket and was a "border guard during the Civil War?"

August Weinert, during the Civil War in Nebraska he volunteered for a group that protectected the Nebraska territory against the ruffians coming across the border from the state of Missouri. He had a pistol and musket. The musket is owned by a family member in NE.

13. Which in
direct line ancestor was a leader in the Mormon battalion and gave a blessing to his friend Amos Cox who was gored by a bull on the trek and then loaned him his own horse?



Higgins, Nelson, Captain to 1 Nov 1846
Dykes, George Parker, 1LT, Company Commander from 1 Nov 1846
Hulett, Sylvester, 2LT
Canfield, Cyrus C., 2LT
Tuttle, Luther T., 1st SGT
Williams, Thomas S., SGT
Jones, Nathaniel Vary, SGT
Haws, Alpheus, SGT
Hunsaker, Abraham, SGT Stephens, Arnold, CPL
Barger, William W. CPL
Buchanan, John, CPL
Jacobs, Sanford, CPL
Hovey, Silas, Musc
Jackson, Henry Wells, Musician
Smith, Willard Gilbert, Musician

from Mormon

14. Name four of your ancestors who were elementary school teachers?


1. Hope Hulet, Idaho
1920's to 1940's

2. Emma Scholl, Croyden, Morgan County, Utah early 1900s

3. Marjorie Brown, 1948

4. Kent Gardiner, California, 1970 -

15. Which direct line ancestor made shoes for a living?

Philip Scholl

16. Which family had three children who contracted TB at the same time and all died?

Prior to 1905 Frederick Scholl owned a rental home in Falls City, NE. After his renters moved out, he had three of his girls clean the home and all contracted TB. One by one they died from its effects. Anna died in 1905, Clara in 1907 and Lizzy moved to Alamogordo NM for the her health and died in 1914.

17. Which direct line ancestor came to America, spent at least 60 years here, married here, raised her family here and didn't read, speak or write English?


German born Elizabeth Kelch Scholl.

18.Who died of drowning when they were 68 years old?

James Gardiner

Record of death, James Gardiner, St Catherines, Ontario, Canada, September 10, 1878.

19. Do we have an inventor in the family?

Yes. Robert Gardiner, born 1845, confectioner, baker, restaurant owner and inventor.

Answer:Yes again!
Also Alfred Gardiner, brother to Robert Gardiner, invented a snow plow.

20. Which relative was a soldier in WWI?

Gus Scholl, younger brother to George Scholl born Dec 6, 1888. He later became a chemical engineer, married twice, no children.

21. Who were the first ancestors to join the church in each line?

22. Gardiners:

James Gardiner (1847, Dundee Scotland)(pic)
Ann Gall joined in (1848, Dundee, Scotland)(pic)
Margaret Stewart (1861, in a river near Dundee, Scotland)(pic)
Charles Hulet (Feb 1831, Nelson, Ohio)
Margaret Noah (Feb 1831, Nelson, Ohio)
Ann Davies (1840, Leominster England)
James Dalley (1840, Leominster, England)(pic)
Neils Bertlesen (1852, Lundo,Denmark)
Maren Laursen (1852, Lundo Denmark)
Barbara Graybill (1834, North Carolina)
David Stoker (1834, North Carolina)
Jacob Bachman (1854, Wiliberg, Switzerland)(pic)
Anna Sidler Hegetschweiler (1859, Switzerland)(pic)