Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fannie Weinert 1853 - 1922

Fannie Weinert was born in 15 May 1853, in Buffalo, Erie, N.Y. She came to Nebraska with her parents when she was six years old. Indians often frightened her; they also gave her strings of beads.

They had eleven children, over a twenty-year period. She died 1 June 1922, which made her 69 years old. 
Often people will die on personal significant dates. Jefferson and Adams both died on July 4th (same year). I suspect you may have already noticed but Fanny Weinert Scholl died on 1 June 1922. June 1st was her wedding anniversary. 

LtoR back Elizabeth Scholl, Fanny Scholl front Fred Scholl and Fredericka Weinert, abt 1901

Fannie Scholl on right, Minnie V., Jenny Sis 1912

LtoR Frederick Scholl, Fannie Scholl, Leona and Laura (unsure who is older) Laura Scholl and John Zinser

George Scholl's mother died from carcinoma of the breast or breast cancer.

A carcinoma is any malignant cancer that arises from epithelial cells. Carcinomas invade surrounding tissues and organs and may metastasize, or spread, to lymph nodes and other sites. Kent