Monday, July 20, 2009

Come, desert boy and walk with me awhile….by Suzanne Brown Gardiner, Poem

Come, desert boy and walk with
me awhile….

And together we will look
For the beautiful celestial city
Where Enoch, Abraham, and the Gods

I will make for you an oasis
Of love and acceptance.
And with a balm of understanding
Soothe your dry aching feet,
From the hot desert sand.

I will fill your heart with a
melody of joy,
And together we will laugh,
And week
And discover the hidden treasures
Of live
That most do not see.

We will bask in the light of the Son,
And run through the fields of prosperity:
Sit under an oak of righteousness
And listen to the warbling song of

We will draw long upon the cool waters
of purity
And raise a brimming chalice
To the thirsty and dry;
We will feast upon the nectar of
And breathe deeply the sweet fragrance
of forgiveness.

We’ll wear stewardship as a garland
And pluck the flowers of opportunity;
We’ll sift through golden shafts of
And create a bouquet
As a gift,
For anyone who wants it.

We’ll walk a path of diligence,
And take from the timber
of faith and obedience
Lumber to build temples,
sturdy and strong,
That will shield us from storms
That will surely come.

And when they come…
When mountains of despair
overshadow you,
When valleys of loneliness yawn to
And hot winds of hate
And insensitivity
Lash you and whip you about…
I will not leave you;:

How I will stand by your side and
We will look for the dawn
That also,
Must surely follow the night.

How long our paths lie parallel
I cannot say
But if I bring warm rains
Of compassion
That fall softly
Upon the vast wastelands
Of your soul,
Until it is fertile
With the promise of harvest
And rich with life and hope;
If the journey was pleasant
And the city
More within reach;
come, desert boy, and
Walk with me awhile.

A poem from Suzanne to Kent just before they married. 1974