Thursday, July 2, 2009

August Weinert 1826 - 1898

According to Emma Bachman and Audrey Kroksh, August Weinert was born in 1826 in Festenberg, Silesia, Prussia, which is now Twardogora, Poland. He was a furniture maker and later a house and barn builder.

He was a Catholic in Germany but joined the protestant faith when he came to America after his daughter went to a revival a mile outside Fargo, Nebraska.

He was a Nebraska volunteer during the Civil War in order to keep the Missourian ruffians away from the border. His musket has been passed down through the family and exists today. August had 12 children eight who survived childhood. (See Four Lost Children Video Below) During this time he built many barns in northeast Nebraska and was an original signer of a petition to make Nebraska a state. He died at 72 years of age in 1898 in Falls City, Nebraska and is buried in the Zion Cemetary next to what used to be the Zion Church in Falls City.

August had the following children

1. Fanny Weinert 15 May 1853, Buffalo, Erie, NY - 1 Jun 1922, Portland, Or
2. Jennie Weinert (Jane) 31 Jan 1855 Toronto, Canada - 31 Oct 1942
3. Anna Weinert 1857 Falls City, Richardson NB, - 1935
4. John Weinert 4 Nov 1859 - 17 Oct 1925
5. Charles Weinert 7 Sep 1861 - 14 Aug 1941
6. Minnie Weinert 16 May 1865 - 28 Feb 1946
7. August Weinert Mar 1867 - Sep 1932
8. Louise Weinert 9 Jan 1873 - 31 Oct 1957

Farm and entire family, 1914

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